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Facts You Need To Know About Document Attestation in India

Moving and settling abroad has become a trend now! The decision of moving abroad requires a lot from you. Have you heard of “attesting of educational and personal documents” from the mouth of those moved or moving abroad? Well, attesting of documents is one of the most important procedures you need to complete before you move out.

Below are some of the general facts you need to know about the degree attestation procedure-


By definition, attestation is a procedure of checking the authenticity of the documents and declaring that the given document is authenticated and verified by getting the signature of the important personnel. Submit your documents to the best apostille and attesting service providers and leave all your worries aside.

Why Is It Required?

When you apply for a visa for traveling abroad for study or job, you need to get your documents verified by the important officials otherwise your visa may get canceled. In case of family visa, marriage certificate attesting is necessary. Similarly, in case of educational travel, you need to get your degree attested by the professionals.


  • State attestation
  • MEA verification or Apostille
  • Embassy attesting

Facts And Figures about Attestation for Italy Embassy

If you are planning to stay in Italy for a long time for educational purposes then you need to get your documents attested by the important personnel. This makes sure to the authorities that you are a genuine person and all your documents can be trusted for authenticity.

It is important and compulsory to get degree attestation done if you are planning to move out and settle in Italy for job purposes. You won’t be able to get an employment visa or residential visa until and unless you have your documents verified by the important personnel.

You can get medical benefits, death benefits, and other benefits like a citizen if you have your documents verified and attested.

The documents are attested by the professionals in the picture in the Italy embassy and this is done to make your stay in Italy hassle-free. First, you need to get your documents attested by the HR department of the state then by Ministry of external affairs, New Delhi, and then by the embassy of Italy. Well, the process can be made simpler if you leave it on the reliable service providers.


Now you know the importance of attestation of the documents. No matter where you want to move out, get the documents attested by the verified personnel only. Don’t rely on the cheap agencies and choose the ones which are reliable as well as affordable!

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