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Aastha Fertility : Best Fertility IVF Center In Jaipur For Doing Laparoscopy

Infertility can be caused due to a lot of factors and can be caused due to either of the partners. It can cause a lot of stress and emotional blockage in the relationship and can go to an extent of separation. But what most people don’t know is that this issue can be resolved by using proper guidance and medications. 

There are a lot of procedures and medications which can help treat infertility one such procedure is using laparoscopy which is suggested by doctors of Aastha Fertility Center which is one of the Best IVF centers in Jaipur.  This process is highly successful and is recommended by doctors if the infertility is due to blockages in the uterus. 

Know About Laparoscopy

It is a surgery performed in the pelvis or abdomen using small incisions which are usually (0.5-1.5 cm) with the assistance of a camera. The surgery is also called keyhole surgery or bandaid surgery or minimally invasive surgery which is a very modern surgical technique. 

There are a lot of advantages of this surgery than open surgery as this surgery causes less pain because of the smaller incisions and the recovery time is also very short.  The main point is that it uses a laparoscope (a long fiber optic cable) that allows it to view the affected area by inserting the cable from a more distant and accessible location. 

Laparoscopic surgery includes surgery in the abdomen cavity while surgery is done in the chest cavity is called thoracoscopic surgery. Some of the specific instruments which are used in this surgery are scissors, hooks, retractors, probes, and the most important obstetrical forceps. 

This procedure comes under the field of endoscopy. Laparoscopy was first performed on a German king in 1901.

Why Is Laparoscopy Surgery Done Before Ivf?

“Laparoscopy is a surgical process which is done by the IVF doctor to see inside the patient’s abdomen and check for any blockage in the uterus or fallopian tubes. It uses a small camera that guides the IVF expert to understand the ovaries and other important organs responsible for reproduction.


 It allows the doctor to see for any abnormalities that might be hindering pregnancy. If any blockages or abnormalities are found during the procedure additional instruments can be inserted in the abdomen using tiny incisions. The incisions are usually made at the pubic hairline of the patient. 

While performing Laparoscopy in the belly button, the expert forms a triangle that allows the IVF specialist to perform surgery, which is better than the open surgery in which large incisions are created.  The surgery is performed using anesthesia which means the patient is completely asleep during the procedure, hence the patient doesn’t experience any kind of pain.

How Is Laparoscopy Performed?

If  Laparoscopy is used to diagnose a problem of infertility it usually takes around 30-60 minutes. If it is used to treat a condition it might take more time depending on the surgery performed on the patient. In this process, the incision is inserted and carbon dioxide is pumped inside the patient’s abdomen which allows the doctors to see your organs more clearly. ‘

A Laparoscope is then inserted which gives the view of the abdomen of the patient on the screen which allows the doctor to examine it clearly. If Laparoscopy is used to perform any surgeries further incisions are made and small tools are inserted carefully which are required to perform the treatment.  After the procedure is complete the carbon dioxide is taken out of the body and incisions are covered using stitches or clips.

How Long Is Laparoscopy Recovery-

Some of the common side effects faced by the patients are the urge to vomit or feel sick. The patient is monitored thoroughly by the nurse until the patient is able to eat, drink and pass urine. The doctor generally advises keeping the stitches clean before you get your stitches removed.  

You might feel a little pain or discomfort after the procedure as little gas may be trapped inside the abdomen which can cause bloating, cramps, or shoulder pain. These symptoms are very common and one should not worry about them. 

After days or weeks after the procedure, one might feel extremely tired because the body is healing itself. Patients are advised to take regular naps to energies themselves.

Why is Aastha fertility the best IVF center in Jaipur doing laparoscopy?

Aastha fertility is the best IVF center in the city known for its expertise in treating infertility issues and is the first choice of many patients. The well-experienced team of doctors and advanced medical procedures performed by the doctors is commendable. 

They provide the best facilities and emotional and mental support that a patient needs during their treatment. They are known to perform complex surgeries such as laparoscopy with ease and successful results.

 Aastha fertility care doesn’t only keep your issues at priority but also provides you all with the emotional and mental support needed by the patient and hence is preferred by one and all when it comes to curing infertility issues in the city. 

The hospital even provides one with the most cost-effective IVF Treatment, the cost of IVF in the hospital is around 1,30,000INR.

Why trust Aastha Fertility for infertility problems?

The clinic has been working since 2005 to provide you with the satisfaction and results you are looking for. The experienced and most recommended IVF specialists are working to the best to provide you with the desired results. The clinic is using highly advanced procedures and medications. They have a high customer satisfaction success rate which can be checked on the website as a lot of patients have posted real-life testimonials on it praising the hospital and the treatments. Aastha Fertility care is the most trusted and experienced IVF center when it comes to treating the issues related to infertility. For more information please visit which is the best IVF center in Jaipur.

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