May 27, 2024
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The Best Logo Making Software in 2021

A logo design software program is essential nowadays as it can help you a lot in different aspects and with its many features. You should know that hundreds of programs are related to logo making and logo design that you can find on the web in 2020.

Some online tools are free and some of them are paid, but being free or paid has nothing to do with reliability. or tool precision. You simply have to choose the best logo creation tool to create your brand logo.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best or top three logo creation tools available on the internet; after reading this content, you will have decent information about the top three logo creators, about their work, and also about some of their pros that make them top of this list. Now we would like you to read this content to the end without letting any confusion or misunderstanding take over your mind. The logo makers are worth using, and you’ll understand once you run just one.

Here is the list of the best 5 logo makers


DesignEvo is one of the handiest logo makers as it is an easy to use and very customizable tool. Also, its strong point is a wide variety of icons, with monochrome and colorful options. Despite this, the creative process as a whole requires some creativity.

As it is a template-oriented logo maker, so you can easily start your logo project by selecting a logo template. The logo template stock collects over 10,000. Therefore, you have quite a lot of choice.

Payments are in dollars, and the basic package costs $24.99, which includes high-resolution files, vectors, black and white options, and versions for social networks. This package also allows for unlimited changes. No brand manual is offered, nor can it be possible to download a low-resolution logo without purchasing a package.


The Zyro logo generator is part of the website creation tool of the same name. However, unlike the website creator, the logo generator is 100% free. This platform is quite simple and allows basic editing of colors and shapes. With the help of an assistant, it is possible to create a simple brand quickly. The logos created on the platform can be downloaded for free and without the need for any registration. Despite this, it is impossible to save the logo for later editions. Just export a free version with a resolution to the web in PNG.

There is also no exclusivity on the brand created. The Zyro logo maker is ideal for early-stage digital projects, schoolwork and marking layouts.

Free Logo Design

Although some icons look old and do not reflect the currently practiced design, it offers a wide variety of options. Still, editing the logo offers high customization.

It allows you to color parts of the icon with different colors. This flexibility has its advantages, but it can be a little more laborious and even challenging for non-designers. The chances of creating an unbalanced logo in colors and shapes also increase.

The free modality includes the download of a low-resolution version in PNG format. It is not possible to save the logo for future editions. Even with paid plans, which start at $39, it is no longer allowed to edit after purchasing the logo.

Paid plans offer the logo’s download in various formats, including vector- for printing at high resolutions. No list includes a brand manual.


Squarespace is an entirely free logo generator. It belongs to the eponymous company that is well known for its website creation platform. The Squarespace generator is really great – perhaps the best free logo maker in terms of design quality.

It is possible to download high resolution, color, and black and white versions of the logo. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to save the logo for future editions. The Squarespace logo generator is 100% free to use.

The user gains the right to use the image, but without exclusivity. Unfortunately, the service does not offer some interesting features present in other tools, such as vector log social networks and brand man versions.


Hatchful is one of the best free logo creators, being one of the most complete. Although the platform offers basic features, customization is satisfactory, especially compared to its 100% free peers. It is possible to create, edit and save logos for free and without quantity restrictions.

The tool allows free download of the brand in PNG, with a transparent or solid background, and includes social network versions. Unfortunately, the service does not offer vector files or options in high resolution. The tool allows you to download the brand for free in PNG, with a transparent or solid background and social network versions. Unfortunately, the service does not offer vector files or high-resolution options.

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