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Which Brand Has the Best Natural Baby Face Wash in India?

Are you a new parent? Are you worried about taking care of your baby in the right way? Are you concerned about keeping your baby fresh and clean every day? Well, then, you need to adapt to a few tricks and practice them regularly. By now, you must have heard from doctors and experts that you are not supposed to bathe your baby every day. Babies have very sensitive skin, and they should not be exposed to taking a bath so often as it might make their skin dry. However, as a parent, you have to make sure that their body parts are cleaned carefully. This is where the concept of soap and water vanishes, and baby face wash comes into the picture.

Yes, you read it right! There are special types of products for babies, including a baby face wash that can be used every day to clean your baby’s face and neck without giving him or her a shower. So, let us take a look at what you must consider before purchasing one for your little one.

How to Choose a Baby Face Wash?

If you are going to purchase a baby face wash for the first time, you need to check for a few points.

  • Is the Product Hypoallergic?

Babies have soft and delicate skin. Not everything would suit a baby, and an allergic reaction can start off at any moment. To prevent the same, it is important to choose a baby face wash that is hypoallergic in nature. Hypoallergic products have the rarest chance to set off an allergic reaction in a baby.

  • Have You Figured Out the Right Ingredients?

Just buying a face wash for the sake of cleaning the face is not enough. You need to choose ingredients that can moisturize your baby’s skin simultaneously. When you clean the face, the face tends to become dry. So, if you come across a face wash that has been infused with essential oil extracts, you should consider it. Extracts from coconut, aloe vera, calendula, lavender, olive, etc., can help to retain the moisture and prevent rashes.

  • Have You Checked for Adulteration?

Adulteration is an important aspect to look out for when you are buying a baby face wash. If you come across a product with even the slightest amount of harmful chemicals or additives, do not purchase it. Components such as paraben, sulfate, ammonia, etc., are an absolute “NO” for your little one. Even preservatives, artificial fragrances, and artificial colors should be avoided.

  • Is it Dermatologically Tested?

A baby face may not come with a tester. And you will not be able to find out if you can use it on your kid before making the purchase. In this scenario, trust becomes a major issue. So, to choose the right product, opt for a baby product that has passed clinical testing. A clinically tested baby face wash must be equipped with a ‘no tears,’ ‘no irritation,’ and ‘no soap’ formula.

It is a relief to know what to look for when you are buying a baby face wash. If you haven’t already purchased it, we have a recommendation for you. Have you heard of the brand, Mamaearth? They specialize in baby products, and every product is clinically tested. They have a Foaming Face Wash for Kids that has gained popularity as certified as a MadeSafe product. This face wash has the goodness of aloe vera, coconut extract, and the oil of lavender that can help to provide nourishment to your baby’s skin. It is not just recommended by parents but also dermatologists as it is devoid of harmful chemicals like paraben, SLS, etc. So, don’t hesitate to switch to Mamaearth’s Foaming Face Wash for Kids and help keep your baby cleaned up every day.

Honest, natural, and safe. Mamaearth is a personal care brand for beauty and baby products that are toxin-free and made with the goodness of natural ingredients. It is also Asia’s 1st brand with MadeSafe Certified baby products. Our mission is to spread a little goodness everyday. We do this through our products and our various initiatives. We recycle more plastic than we consume, we’re certified Cruelty Free and we for every order from Mamaearth, we plant trees via our We Plant Goodness program.

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    • Nabi March 23, 2021

      Utmost care needs for baby caring. As they are in the sate of crucial period, extra caution is on the top priority. Your article rightly depicts the issues of baby caring. Thanks

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