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Comfortable Heels For Women at Volgo Point International

Wearing heels makes women more attractive, which allows them to be more sophisticated in a large number of males competing for their attention, which may explain the evolutionary benefits of this fashion statement.

Women generally behave differently than men and heels for women can help to exaggerate the feminine aspects of move. What happens with these shoes is that they force women to walk like women and makes women more attractive. Like some women’s like to wear high heels because of height because Height is associated with power and masculinity. So, they give us both masculine power and borrowed feminine power through equalization.

But remember Wearing heels commonly causes pain in the feet because the foot is forced into an unnatural position. There is a solution. Certain shoes with height are actually comfortable, proving that you can combine fashion and function. I own several pairs that I can walk in all day, every day. Here are the most comfortable types of heels you can purchase.

Wedge Heels

This is my perfect choice for the summer. A wedge combines heels and platform, dividing your weight and support across your foot as if you’re walking on flat ground.

Platform Heels

The platform is tucked underneath the front of the shoe and helps to lift your entire foot, not the heel. Although the platform stilettos do not have full coverage of the wedge, they produce a 3-inch pedestrian illusion even if you are wearing a shoe with a 4 ½ in heel. 

Thick/Cone Heel

A thicker heel obviously gives the heel of your foot more support than a thin stiletto would.  Conical shaped heels also aid in relief.

Ankle Bootie

This type of shoes for cold weather add a little style to your winter outfits, the shoe covers and supports your entire foot. Opt for an ankle bootie with a sturdy heel.

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