June 19, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Design a T-Shirt

Do you want an appropriate way to promote your company or to make side merchandise revenue? Do you want a family meeting or a bachelor’s party to celebrate this special occasion?

Differently, based on the factors, the core elements of the t-shirt design stay the same.

From the very beginning of the concept of making your shirt mass-produced, we’re going to follow each stage of this Last T-shirt Design Guide. Everything you need to know more about design tips of t-shirts does not matter how often knowledge you have.

Thinking to Design a T-Shirt? Here are 8 Steps to Design a T-Shirt

  1. Well, How You Need a T-Shirt And Why?
  2. Budget by Amount
  3. Get Printing Choices
  4. Design Concept
  5. Get a Designer
  6. Qualify the Design
  7. Get the Correct Files
  8. Get a Printer

Well, How You Need a T-Shirt And Why?

No matter the purpose of designing a t-shirt, it’s always going to require a little branding. When you use t-shirts for commercial gain, labelling is your primary objective. Even though it’s purely trendy, you’re always going to have to integrate clear brand concepts into all your items. Under specific use — like hosting an event, for example — people would like to ensure the t-shirt design.

And get the most efficient design, which is stepping away from your personal preferences and concentrate more on true, quantifiable data.

Budget by Amount

You’re excited to get to the concept of the actual t-shirt. We’ve got it. But first, let’s figure out some information so that you can concentrate your design better: your budget and quantity. What you need to invest and also how many t-shirts you need to impact on your design.

For example, the budget and quantity can help you decide how many colours you will use. Depending on your printing process, additional colours will cost you more money.

Get Printing Choices

There’s a lot to consider when you’re searching for the right printing process for your t-shirt. Expense, style, production time, materials — are indeed extremely important. The more you learn of each process, the easier it will be to determine which method is best suites you.

Screen Printing

This is the benchmark for printing a t-shirt. The printer produces the actual screens of design so that you really can print them in stock.

Pros: good standard of printing. Cost-effective and very high quality. Ideal for bulk purchases.

Cons: New screen needed for any new colour or design revision (which will be costly). Colourful designs will end up being costly.

Vinyl Graphics

A system of convection, vinyl printing use durable vinyl rather than ink.

Pros: Highly robust and of high quality. Ideal if you want your concept to stand out (literally).

Cons: Extra colours are more costly, so complex designs are costly. Not great for the big orders.

Design Concept

Here comes the fun stuff … now you’re going to start to find out what’s going on in your t-shirt!

Here are some tips to concentrate your creative thinking –

T-shirt types

Think about your audience and the expected targets before settling on the correct style of t-shirt. The revealing strapless dress may not be the best promotion for a law firm.

Once you begin drawing your t-shirt’s design ideas, ensure it converts to the true size. Design with such a canvas which physically placed the designs on the shirt. It doesn’t mean you have to fill the whole space, but a practical canvas will give better dimensions.

Colour in t-shirt design

Colour is the aspect of design that is ideally suited to immediately expressing personality. Through paint, shade and hue capture an emotion that serves as a gateway for you to take a look at something regarding your brand.

Printing colours get a few difficult cos of the method t-shirt inks act. The cheapest way to print design will be to estimate colours.

Exact colour match is achievable using Pantone (PMS) or custom mixed CMYK inks — but it’s much more expensive. PMS required to deal, appropriate ink shades which your printers can purchase.

Get a Designer

Don’t stress if you don’t have design skills. Therefore, there are plenty of pros out there ready to put the concept of design into action.

Do your best to find a designer who thinks what you’re looking for.

You can also collaborate with TheSublimationStaion for your design as they have expert designers.

Qualify the Design

As your design choices start rolling in, browse through each edition and pick your favourites. Don’t forget about marketing and technological specifications. Interact all ideas to your designer to make sure that your next selection of choices looks much better.

Then, make sure that it is managed by key stakeholders and people who have no connection with what you’re doing.

Get the Correct Files

You’ve got the perfect design for your t-shirt. Oh, hell, yes! Check and also make sure you have the correct designer’s files.

You probably ought to –

The design of your vector-shaped t-shirt. It is probably to be an Adobe Illustrator, PDF, or EPS file. You need one of each particular design of your t-shirt.

If the printer does custom colours, ensure you have Pantone or CMYK colour codes to make it look like you want.

Get a Printer

When your template is finished, it’s time for printing! Choose the one which provides the procedure you want at an affordable price point.

  • Ask if the designer has a design department.
  • Ask for examples of assembled shirts, not design images
  • Start establishing a professional relationship with such a printer which you grew up with. Consider a printer that designs six or even more colours.
  • While making a larger order, ensure your manufacturer has pre-press proofs.

The Sublimation Station

TheSublimationStation – The new way for clothing. This is one of the best shops for custom clothing on demand.

They’re the best if you’re looking for merchandise! Sublimation Station print on demand – custom polo shirts, snipped and tie t-shirts, hats, masks, etc.

They are famous in Orlando Florida USA for their custom cut and sew t-shirt printing, custom face mask, neck gaiters or buffs, print on t-shirts etc.


How does the price measure?

The price of WhoopTee.com is dependent on four components.

  • Type-which clothes are ordered.
  • Quantify – the number of shirts you order in the very same design aesthetic.
  • Colours – the number of colours in your design.
What kind of printing can I use?
  • Conventional screen printing – Typically used for orders of more than 6 bits.
  • Direct-to-wear – Most commonly used for orders of less than 6 parts or for requests involving several different colours, where the expense of setting up several screens for conventional printing is greater than the cost of direct-to-wear printing.

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