Choose Kerala for Your Splendid Honeymoon

Perfect Tourist Places in Kerala

If you are looking for a perfect place to go to for your honeymoon then Kerala could be the one. yes,  this Lord’s land, Kerala has some absolutely beautiful tourist destinations to turn the heads of both the domestic as well as global  couples. There are gorgeous hill-stations, commercial cities, even backwaters, hamlets and a lot more to discover. Extensive culture and rich heritage of Kerala also add up a pinch of excitement in the hearts of the visitors.  When you set foot in the stunning paradise, all other things look insignificant.

you can look into the different options in the realm of Kerala Honeymoon Packages and ensure that you get the perfect experience for you. you have no idea how your honeymoon can be a transforming experience for you.  this place is going to add up more love, glory, charm and excitement to your romantic moments. After all, this region of India is really welcoming, tempting and most importantly, gorgeous. Have a look at some of the varied places of Kerala that you should definitely visit when you are there for your honeymoon.

Munnar: a blend of charm and tranquillity

An extremely well-known one among hill stations in Kerala is Munnar. Munnar is one of the refined destinations to visit in Kerala. With nearly eighty thousand miles of tea plantation, an even equal measure of perfumed vegetation, lovely hazy valleys and low-flying clouds, Munnar is a gorgeous hill station that has born as one of the finest spots to visit in realm of Kerala for exploration and mainly for a romantic honeymoon. After all, sweet bungalows, comfortable homestays and refreshing lush hotels and resorts in Munnar make this amazing land the most romantic area for you. you would definitely make some really cherished memories at this place.

 Alleppey: Monarch of Backwaters

Alleppey tops the list of finest tourist places in the realm of Kerala. Its amazing houseboat stays, backwater tours and peaceful beauty fascinate a great number of people to its land. In fact, it nowhere will be wrong to say that it is one of the most famous spot to taste the spirit of Kerala’s backwaters.  You would find yourself lost in the appeal of this region.

Depiction of Lord Curzon about Alleppey as the Venezia of the East is not an overstatement. A houseboat holiday is what folks look for on the visit to this place Alleppey. There are spaces of beautiful paddy fields, old-fashioned chapels, lakes full of water lilies and interesting fishing villages make Alleppey one of the premium spots to visit in Kerala.  Of course, this hand-picked spot would not disappoint your partner or you!

Wayanad: The Charmer

Wayanad is well-known as the cultural capital of Kerala located at the central of Wayanad District. The city includes many cultural and even religious festival of state. Wayanad Pooram festival is the most exciting and remarkable among the festivals. In case you are pouring in to this place then you can even think about the time of festivals. The place is a gorgeous area but you would find it even more rhythmic as well as tuneful during the times of festivals. Your honeymoon would get an amazing touch-up at this place. Of course, you would experience the cultural delight once you are therein.

Kumarakom:: Stacked with Elegant Sceneries

Situated close to the Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom is a peaceful little hamlet along with interesting sceneries, ever enjoyable weather and striking flora and fauna. You can enjoy a blend of everything here: authentic Kerala food, rhythmic backwater, fresh breezy air, warmth of Keralite and even delicious fresh coconuts. In case you love adventurous activities then there is much to do for you in the realm of Kumarakom. You can easily go for boating, houseboat stay, cruising and even fishing. So, from activities to ease , comfort to pleasure and extensiveness to expeditions , everything is there in the realm of Kumarakom.


To sum up , if you really look forward to have something different, explore something new, and feel the natural romance in your honeymoon then you must not skip on Kerala. Book for Kerala holiday packages. This land is going to get you a blend of everything. It would be a win-win for you. Certainly, once you return from your honeymoon, you would find yourself beaming in the memories of the trip you had with your partner!

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