May 20, 2024
Decorating a Coffee

Cool & Catchy Ways of Decorating a Coffee Shop

“Ooh, dear coffee, how do I tell you what you mean to me? I can’t think about anyone else but you when I am alone. You shower your energy upon me when I feel low at work. I love you! I love you, hot! I love you, cold! I love you, brew! I….”

You caught us!!!

Well, coffee is a thing that has millions of people hooked on it. Some want it for an energy dose, and some just love the taste of it. The high and damn good popularity and love for coffee have given people the idea of opening coffee shops where they serve varieties of coffee. It was and is a really good business idea, but with the number of competitors increasing around, one needs to focus on the beauty aspect of the place and the vibe that it serves, along with the quality coffee.

Here, we will discuss some cool and catchy ways to decorate a coffee shop. Whether you are already operating a coffee shop or about to start one, a little better interior decor is always a plus for the business.

A Wall About The Benefits Of Coffee

This worldwide famous beverage has many health benefits, which is one of the prime reasons why it is being consumed in such a high number around the world. As a coffee shop owner, you want people to come again and again for many reasons. While the taste of the coffee that you serve is the prime factor, letting your customers know about the benefits of coffee will add up to their regular visits. You can pick a wall of your space to discuss benefits in style. The text font should be visible easily from the farthest corner of the shop.

Bring The Greens In

Having the best furniture and ultra-modern equipment isn’t just enough, as this is what everyone is doing. Drinking coffee helps people rejuvenate and take off stress. You need to incorporate something in the interior decor of your coffee shop that can help people in cooling down more and that serves calmness and positivity. You need to have indoor plants incorporated perfectly. You can buy different types of plants online, such as air-purifying, lucky, and bonsai trees in Chennai or, where you live, planted in creative planters.

Colours Other Than Brown

Most of the coffee shops follow a brown colour theme to match the coffee beans and coffee powder. Some make perfect use of it, while some fail. But brown isn’t the only colour that you should connect with coffee. You can play with green and red too. Green is the colour of the coffee tree leaves, and red is the colour of berries from where the coffee beans are extracted. Painting and decorating your coffee shop with shades of brown, green, and red colour will help you create a more connected ambience.

Incorporate Your Brand

If you want to create a coffee business that sticks to people’s minds, then you should include your brand name and brand logo in the decor of your coffee shop. While incorporating your brand in the interior design is an essential thing, it should mix well with the overall theme of your coffee shop and should not look like an adjusted thing. For this particular thing, you can take help from an expert interior designer.

The Way You Serve Is Also A Part Of Interior Decor

You do make amazing coffee drinks, and your customers sure love them, but do you know that the way you serve coffee drinks is also a part of your interior design? Yes, not many know about it, and hence they don’t pay any attention to it. Whether you use & throw glasses having some abstract prints or you use glass bottles, whether you serve coffee in trays or you just hand it over without a tray, whether you have provided simple low quality tissue papers or you have high-quality ones with your brand’s print, all these things count for interior decor. Even though you serve coffee in transparent plastic glass, using a unique and quirky tray will enhance the whole experience by a thousand folds, and interior design is all about the experience.

The Outer Look

Focusing more on the interior design of your coffee shop is worth every bit of your effort, but you can’t ignore making the exterior attractive. The entrance door, the brand name and logo outside, and the paint scheme, everything should be so beautiful that it hypnotizes people to come inside. And it should also reveal what you have to serve inside.

These ways of decorating your coffee shop should be adopted when you have a big budget. The ones who are planning to open a coffee shop with a limited budget should focus on the best taste to serve. Among all the above-mentioned ways, bringing plants indoors is the one that requires too little investment.

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