May 27, 2024
Mangalsutra Pendant

Design Your Own Mangalsutra Pendant: A Mood Board

It represents the sign of marriage, as well as the wife is expected to wear it for the rest of her life to symbolize the devotion and love that the married couple have for one another. Modern designers combine the traditional black as well as golden beads in a mangalsutra pendant design to create spectacular jewellery for the trendy bride.

The mangalsutra pendant design is one of the most significant decorations for women in Indian religion. As we have mentioned, the ring is a significant component of Indian marriage rituals, and the mangalsutra pendant design is an essential component of married women as it has a religious value and also looks trendy.

You can find amazing and trendy options of mangalsutra pendant designs at various jewellery stores like Mia by Tanishq! We’ll tell you more about them towards the end of this article.

Use of Pearl in a Mangalsutra Pendent Design

Mangal means fortunate in Hindi and sutra means thread. It connects the soul for the duration of life with seven priceless promises. It represented the bride and groom’s marital status. Pearls give every piece of jewellery that sits in an instantly stylish and contemporary touch.

Well, the best explanation might just be “basic yet elegant.” It will look amazing with the semi-formal attire, shiny t – shirt, summer dresses, and plain t-shirts. Try wearing it with jeans and ankle boots over a blouse with a peach tone shine.

Additionally, one could add coordinating earrings to complete the appearance and make it simple and refined. On special occasions, one can also wear it with other necklaces and chains for a layered as well as stylish style. In this situation, use an open-neck top to let the neck jewellery stand out.

Getting a Budget and Self-Desired Mangalsutra

Prior to choosing on other elements, such as the type of mangalsutra pendant design etc., set a budget for your mangalsutra. After the budget has now been decided, attention must turn to the metal, which is the next crucial factor.

The only material used to make mangalsutra pendant design in the past was gold pendants, but modern designers are even incorporating platinum into classic styles. One can also have a lot more alternatives because one can combine two metals in the same mangalsutra pendant design.

Exclusive Pendent Designs to Fit an Individual’s Style

As time passes by new mangalsutra pendant design is emerging to fit every occasion and attire. There is a wide variety of mangalsutra chains with pendants available.

  • Long Chain Mangalsutra: Such mangalsutra pendant designs are typically featured as a pendant with the desired design hanging from a 20–26-inch-long black beaded chain. When worn with saris, these lengthy mangalsutras, which were common in the past, look great.
  • Chandbali Mangalsutra: Such mangalsutras are ideal for festival events and match well with all wedding clothing. The vintage Chandbali patterns are as well-liked by ladies and well-known as earrings that they are now a smashing success as mangalsutra design pendants as well.
  • Dholna style pendent: This pendant combines chandbali, or modern design, with the classic Dholna design. These pendants are the ideal marriage of beauty and tradition.
  • Peacock mangalsutra: the most coveted and frequently wore styles by ladies are the exquisite Peacock mangalsutras. These pendants are simple, elegant, feminine, and faultless since they include gorgeous peacock designs together with valuable stones and beads.
  • Jhumka Mangalsutra: Such types of pendents are a piece of jewellery that every lady should own, and each one should have a beautiful pair. Pendants with jhumka inspiration typically blend jhumkas with chandbali and temple patterns.

There are many other mangalsutra pendant design available that can suit an individual’s personality. One can easily choose and wear a classic designer pendent that can style up an individual’s personality.

Giving a Dazzling Look Mia by Tanishq Can Cater Every Need of a Bride

In the modern era, selecting a mangalsutra pendant design is not constrained to a small number of possibilities. In the modern day, women prefer slim designs to heavy traditional ones because they are easier to carry. It is more important on a wedding day for a bride to look graceful, and an elegant mangalsutra can provide the grace in a bride’s look.

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