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E-Commerce SEO Services Are Getting Popular – BUT WHY?

As a retailer, you might be curious to know if the online retailing industry is as functional as a physical retail store. Well, considering the actual stats, E-Commerce web stores have passed ahead of in-store retail businesses in many ways. Our marketing and E-Commerce team at Xcentric Services has taken a good look at the retail stats from the past few years. With that, they have concluded that online retailing has increased by two-fold, as compared to in-store retailing. This trend is going nowhere in 2021 too, and will only get stronger with time. So why not invest in E-Commerce SEO Services before it is too late to jump into trends? But before you do so, let us give you a detailed insight into E-Commerce SEO and its importance.

What Are E-Commerce SEO Services About?

According to the definition, SEO is a digital way of driving organic traffic to your online web store. Driving this kind of traffic is important for every business to be successful. It can be generated by search engines like Google and Bing.

As an E-Commerce SEO Agency, we believe that is important to maintain a strong brand impression in front of the target audience and ensure that they look forward to what you offer. In the case of having an online web store, online retailers need to make sure that customers see your products and services on the search engines when they search for keywords relevant to them. Without this happening, your online web store will just last for a short time and in fact, you will not earn any profits.

Considering it all, investing in E-Commerce SEO Services to appear on the top of SERPs is your first and last option. As you procrastinate investing in them, the chances of people not noticing your business will increase. Because of course, Google offers viewers to explore countless online web stores, and you will not be one of those marking their presence on the top of SERPs.

Why Are E-Commerce SEO Services Important For Businesses?

The first question that the mind of every online retailer’s mind is that why does SEO really matter for an online web store. Let us at Xcentric Services decode the answer for you with numbers. The moment an online web store appears on the second or third page of search results, the traffic inflow decreases by 80%. Yes, you have read that right. Right here, online retailers lose more than half of their organic traffic volume. And this includes audience from all over the world.

Precisely, less than 5% of online buyers decide to explore the second page of search results. The rest tweak their search query, again and again, until they get the desired result on the first page. We have been providing Professional SEO Services for years, and we have always noticed that only 2% of people out of the 5% who visit the second page of search results find value. So the truth being spoken, being on the first page of search results DOES MATTER.

Stats reveal that businesses that rank on the first page of search engines see a huge influx of organic traffic on their online web store. Thus, proving that the level of competition in the E-Commerce industry is HUGE, and finding a spot on the first page of SERPs is not easy. With this in consideration, as an online retailer, you are less likely to reach higher ranks without the help of SEO professionals. Hence, let our SEO team find ways of improving your online web store, optimize it for the search engine and drive organic traffic.

E-Commerce SEO Trends We Follow

During the past year, new E-Commerce SEO trends have started making their mark on the internet. Being a digital marketing agency, as well as an E-Commerce website development agency, we did not miss out on any of these trends. To generate high volumes of sales for our clients, we have tapped into the following trends when providing E-Commerce SEO Services:

  • Giving products the perfect descriptions using targeted keywords
  • Making online websites mobile-friendly
  • Reduce website loading speed
  • Show customer reviews on Google My Business and SERPs
  • Targeted variations of long-tailed keywords in the content
  • Improve navigation on the online web store
  • Boost online conversion rates
  • Leverage video marketing


In the past few years, E-Commerce has evolved drastically. In our opinion, the state of the E-Commerce world is on its way to improve more and become more challenging. If you wish to stay in the industry and generate revenues, get our E-Commerce SEO Campaign Services in Pakistan.

At Xcentric Services, we follow the latest trends and put those E-Commerce SEO strategies to action that last the test of time. These strategies improve the rankings of a business on SERPs, drive in more traffic to their online web store, and generate better ROI. Whether ensuring that the online web store is mobile-friendly or reducing its loading time – we blend everything well to achieve our client’s business goals.

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