Earrings Light up Your Wonderful Life

The earrings are dotted on the women’s face like stars. When necessary, it will always be accompanied by night or morning light, illuminating our good time.

People who like earrings do not only like its exquisiteness and the modification that it brings to the facial lines. And because of its embellishment, it can add a sense of fashion to you.

Whether it’s small and exquisite earrings, or large and noble earrings, earrings of different styles will give you a different feeling. If you don’t know how to choose a pair of wholesale earrings that suit you online, I hope the following suggestions can help you.

If you are interested, please read on and delve into the colorful world of earrings.

  1. Different Earrings Modify Different Face Shapes

    Beautiful earrings of various styles may not be suitable for everyone. Because the shape of the face is a decisive factor that cannot be ignored, you need to choose earrings that suit your face shape to make your facial lines look beautiful.

    Simply put, it is to choose the direction of the complementary earring line according to the direction of your facial line.

    • Make Round Faces More Three-dimensional

      Girls with round faces seem to be about the same width and length. This requires other clothing or accessories to create an illusion of a long face. When choosing earrings, be sure to choose long and skinny earrings. Please stay away from square or large round earrings, because that kind of earrings will make your face appear wider.

      Pendant earrings are the first choice for girls with round faces because they will lengthen your face. Long earrings hang downwards, which can give the face an oval aesthetic effect.

    • Make Square Faces Softer

      For girls with obvious edges and corners of a square face, star-shaped or round earring shapes should be avoided as much as possible, because they usually do not provide a good modification effect and will make the face contour larger.

      In terms of shape, you can choose a sleek pendant with a suitable length, such as drop-shaped, oval, or long-curved earrings. In terms of material, you can choose a little softer, such as pearl earrings, tassel earrings, etc. They can make your face look softer.

    • Make Long Faces More Noble

      For long-faced girls with long forehead length and chin length, try to avoid wearing long swing earrings, which will make the face look longer. If you must choose it, it’s best to be within a medium length and not to exceed the position of the chin.

      You can try more round, fan-shaped or square-shaped earrings that are close to your ears to reduce the longitudinal extension of the face. Or choose big jewel earrings, retro earrings with rich colors, they will make girls with long faces look more noble.

    • Make Heart-shaped Faces Rounded

      Girls with heart-shaped faces generally have a wider upper forehead and a thinner chin. Avoid any earrings that can make the lower part of your face larger. Such as earrings with decorations on the top and filaments on the bottom, this type of earrings will strengthen the inverted triangle silhouette.

      It is recommended that you choose earrings that are wide at the bottom and narrow at the top, such as drop-shaped, gourd-shaped, triangle-shaped earrings with circular geometric patterns. They can balance the thinner chin and make the facial lines look more rounded.

  2. Different Color Earrings Modify Different Skin Tones

    In addition to the shape of the face, the color of the earrings should be coordinated with the skin tone. Because color can express beauty most intuitively. Choosing an earring with a color that suits your skin tone can make you look more temperamental.

    • White-skinned Girls

      Girls with fairer complexions generally have more earring colors to choose from, so you can boldly try earrings of various colors.

      It is recommended that you choose earrings with stronger colors, such as bright red, dark purple, brown or light red earrings. All kinds of colored earrings can get a better decorative effect, making your skin color look whiter.

    • Dark-skinned Girls

      When choosing earrings for girls with darker skin, try to choose some cool earrings, which can adjust the skin tone.

      Such as milky white ivory earrings, cream agate earrings or light purple crystal earrings. These styles of earrings can make you look more advanced.

    • Yellow-skinned Girls

      Yellow skin is also divided into warm yellow skin and cold yellow skin. Warm yellow skin is naturally suitable for earrings with warm colors, such as gold or gold-plated earrings. Cold yellow skin is more suitable for earrings with cool colors such as silver, as are ruby and moonstone earrings.

      If you are not sure what kind of yellow skin you have, it is recommended to try dark-colored earrings, which not only have sharp contrast but also have a certain whitening effect.

  3. Different Earrings for Different Styles

    Earrings are the same as clothes. They must be consistent with your age, personality and identity. For example, girls with innocent style must not wear earrings with too many decorations, those with elegant temperament should wear earrings with better texture, earrings worn by office workers should be as simple as possible, and earrings at dinner parties should be more gorgeous.

Girls, there are not many clothes, but you must have earrings that can decorate different moods. They accompany you on different occasions and are more moving than clothes. If the above suggestions can help you choose wholesale earrings, I am deeply honored.

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