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4 Easy DIY Home Decor Bases to Add Elegance to your Space


There is no better feeling than crafting your living space in your way and making it look more exquisite. If you have been looking to add precious touch and personality to your home, DIY home decor bases are a great choice to initiate.

DIY home decor is the ignition of beauty without striking the tons of money on a home renovation. It is a fun-loving process to create something with handy skills and design your style on full display. Believe this, you don’t need any expertise to decorate your home. This easy home decor needs the simple DIY MDF bases of a craft or any other creative base to showcase your imaginations with pure quality and glossy products.

Everyone has innovative ideas to decorate their place, but not all the conceptions can embrace the patterns and colours as it has to be. So here we have listed seven easy D.I.Y bases that can surely make you give it a try.

4 Trending D.I.Y Home Decor Bases

DIY Wooden Base:


Undoubtedly wooden bases are the most elegant element that adds a rustic charm to your room. To provide a new look and classy touch on the decor products, you will require a strong base such as a wooden table base for glass top tables, wooden plans for making hang decor, wooden trays for hampers, and wooden-circular sheets for wall decor.

You can customize the texture, colors, and patterns of the product soon after selecting the suitable base and make them look fancier than before.

DIY Acrylic Base:


Unlike plain wooden bases, high-quality acrylic bases offer a smooth and glossy texture to the decor product. They are easy-peasy to maintain as they are waterproof, and one can easily clean them through a damp cloth. As a result, you can enjoy the features of the non-toxic, eco-friendly, and high durability of the product and add positive energy to your surroundings.

For any acrylic bases, acrylic paints are the most suitable art essential to add more texture to it.

DIY Dip-Dyed Candles


Melting the wax of the candles and pouring them into the molds can smoothly get you the best lighting results in your decor. By settling the candles in the corner of the room, it looks more enchanting, and you can also try out a pinewood candle holder as a stand to place your colorful candles. If you are decorating the bedrooms and want to add more charm to the interior, take the glass cups or molds and make your fancy candles that suit the interior.

Melt the wax in the mold and place a cotton thread in such that an extensive cotton thread remains outside the wax. Now let it cool, and your D.I.Y candles are ready to glamorize the room.

DIY Mirror Base


The mirrors are the life of the interior. A minor glass piece stuck on the decoration of the flower vase also enhances the beauty of the area where the vase is kept, so imagine having a circular mirror hung on your wall as decor. Not just that, you can do so many other D.I.Y creativity on the mirror bases such as attach the mirror on the stripes of rope, create a colorful shiny toran, irregular mirror art, and many more that suits your interior.

The art is not just painting and molding the waste stuff, it is to amplify the beauty of everything that your hands touch. The strong base and glossy finished look can captivate every sight and upgrades the outlook of your interior.

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