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6 Advantages of Developing an Ecommerce Website

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The e-commerce market all over the world is booming. Statistics suggest there are roughly 12 million ecommerce stores selling online.

Retail e-commerce sales amounted to roughly 5 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide last year. And what’s more, these figures will grow by 50% over the next three years and reach 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025.

Indeed, having an ecommerce store is equivalent to a get-quick-rich scheme. There are numerous advantages of having an ecommerce website. The most important ones will be discussed below.

So stay tuned, the information to follow will enlighten you on how an ecommerce website puts you ahead of the curve!

6 Advantages of Developing an E-commerce Website

1. Sell Anywhere Online

The most obvious advantage of an ecommerce website is you can sell anywhere online. You don’t need a physical shop to set up operations, hire staff, pay the bills and rent, and bear additional costs for selling in a small town or city.

An ecommerce website opens up the door to infinite possibilities for you. Even from your bedroom, you can grab orders and ship your product to anyone living in another city or country

Say you live in Dubai and want to target the British or American audience, it’s very much possible. All you need is a website and means to ship the product, and you are ready to rock and roll!

2. Little to No Expenses

Besides location independence, the biggest perk of selling online is you don’t need to hire salesmen or workers to manage your business. We spend thousands of dirhams monthly to hire qualified resources to manage day-to-day operations.

But if your business is online, you don’t need someone to manage the counter, track sales, manage accounts, and take care of the shop. Your website is everything you need, you can set up chatbots and automated replies to answer queries of customers in a prompt manner.

In short, going online saves you from a lot of liabilities that eat up a major chunk of your yearly revenue.

3. Ecommerce Stores are Scalable

You will be amazed to learn that an ecommerce store scales faster than a physical business? Ask me why? The answer is obvious, you can target people living in varying areas of the world (as far as your reach allows) and grow your customer base.

Alongside cutting down liabilities and unnecessary expenditures spent on employing human resources you grow your clientele. If you could sell 100 units of a product daily in a shop, you will be selling up to 200(or even more) depending on your customer base.

This is why an e-commerce business scales fast…without any such significant investment.

4. 24/7 Operations, No Off Days

There’s nothing like an off day in the online world. People can land on your website even on Sundays as their website is 24/7 online. This way you sell 24/7, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This flexibility could be a game-changer for any business.

You don’t care about what’s happening outside, pandemic or not, riots, violence, storm, heatwave, or whatever else plagues business and causes disruption, your business will continue without any break.

Take the example of the recent pandemic, in the United Kingdom the number of online shoppers has increased by 75% since the beginning of the COVID-19. Moreover, 49% of global consumers shop online more now than they did before the pandemic.

So, your prospect might visit your website any time of the day or night, and convert; no time or location boundaries!

5. Easy Ways to Track Your Growth

If you are managing a physical shop, you have to keep an eye on all the success metrics. Ledger after ledger occupies your drawers, at the end of the month you sit down to do manual calculations and determine if it was a profitable time period or not.

But if your business is online, you don’t need to do the manual stuff. Website analytics show you the traffic your website is getting on a monthly basis, how many of them are actually converting; and not to mention those valuable insights regarding your customers’ behavior and buying habits.

Measurement, reporting, and responding to opportunities become much easier. In short, going online means tons of valuable data that you can leverage to boost sales and ultimately scale your business.

6. Ecommerce Business is Less Time-Intensive

As an ecommerce website development company in Dubai, a lot of people approach us to create their ecommerce store because they believe managing a website is a lot less time-consuming than managing a shop.

And without the slightest of doubt, it’s true. You don’t have to sit in front of the computer even if you are running an online shop. There are many ingenious ways to automate the whole process.

Instead of managing mundane operations, you can focus on growing your business by researching more profitable products, devising strategies to boost your business, and keeping an eye on the emerging trends.

Hence, an ecommerce website is a holy grail you must grab if you want to be a real online entrepreneur in this digital era!

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