QR Codes On Consumer Electronics

QR Codes On Consumer Electronics: How They Change The Way Manufacturers Sell Their Electronic Products?

Since electronic devices are one of the most commonly purchased consumer goods today, companies in this competitive space are looking for new ways to attract more customers to buy and use the product they advertise and sell online and offline.

With the US market price value of 505 billion dollars in 2022, the consumer electronics industry shows significant potential in becoming one of the leading types of purchasable products that people, especially in the US, buy most.

And as the competition in this area tightens, the need to incorporate a new way to innovate their branding and product packaging become their top priority.

To reinforce the marketing and packaging rebrand, they plan on having, many companies are tapping on the use of QR codes to upgrade their marketing and product labeling design.

Through the availability of a QR code generator online, they can make the most out of their marketing and package design upgrade.

What Is Basically A QR Code And How Are They integrated Today?

A QR code or quick response code is a two-dimensional barcode that integrates a more advanced encoding system to store information and convert it into a series of dots. The automotive industry widely uses this type of barcode as part of the automobile assembly process.

In today’s means, they are used in promoting a product in various means like video promotions, print campaigns, and more.

How are QR codes incorporated in electronic packaging?

As they improve their means to add their QR code to their marketing and packaging operations, here are some of the ways electronics companies introduce their product to the digital community.

  1. Electronics setup video tutorial

Electronics companies can use QR codes to store setup video tutorials of an electronic product that require the assembly of the item. This way, they can dedicate enough space to their product packaging design for other information.

Instead of placing a video link in the product packaging and having the customer individually type the link or keyword in the video viewing platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, they will only need to scan the QR code and be instantly directed to the setup video.

  1. Direct to a product authentication website

Electronic companies can use QR codes to redirect customers to their product authentication website to ensure the authenticity of the electronic products that the customers purchased.

They can create a bulk QR code to create unique QR codes by batch to ease the hassle of creating different QR codes for each product.

  1. Leading to the online shop website

Electronic companies can also incorporate the use of QR codes to lead customers to their online shop website and browse more available items. Through this, they can maximize their website visitor traffic and increase their customer conversion rate and sales.

In addition, they can showcase the products that match the current electronic item the customer purchases and uses.

  1. Customer Feedback and Support Redirect Portal

Providing excellent customer service is critical in gaining client loyalty. Customer service isn’t just about being responsive; it’s also about making it easy to contact the company’s customer service.

By using QR codes, electronic companies can attach their customer feedback and support websites to help customers reach them further online and send their feedback of the item they purchased.

To make your customer support QR code more distinctive, they can use a QR code generator with logo software to create uniquely designed customer feedback and support QR codes.


With QR codes being integrated on most electronic products today, the way people unpack useful digital information about the electronic product they integrate. This will transport consumers to your webpage, social media account, promotional video, discount coupon, email address, and more by simply scanning these codes with their cellphones.

These QR codes can help electronics companies raise their internet presence and ultimately increase their electronics sales by integrating an innovative marketing and packaging design using this technology.

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