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Easy Way to Choose Right Pricing Strategy for Your Mobile App Project

Since the number of mobile app users is rapidly growing, it becomes significant to choose the right pricing strategy for your mobile app development project.

Most of the businesses presently are opting for mobile apps as a tool for their business growth.

Before you hire the best application development services, you need to know how to choose the right pricing strategy.

But, before to answer that question let’s jump into more fundamentals.

What Exactly Is A Pricing Strategy?

Pricing Strategy

If you’re building an app for your business, then it’s a common fact that you know how to make money from it unless you want to serve your customers for free.

Depending upon your price, your app is going to get the visibility and traffic in the app store. So, your success in the app-building process also depends on your pricing strategy.

Hence it’s important that besides providing value to your customers you know how to decide the price before you hire a mobile app development company.

But, with millions of applications being widely spread in the app store, how are you going to decide the price of your product?

  1. Play with Human Psychology

Have you noticed yourself while shopping for a product you always want to buy the products which provide increased value within that price?

It’s human psychology.

And that’s exactly what you’ve to put into practice while deciding your product strategy.

Your users always strive for the product which will provide them more value than the price they are paying.

Since any of the app platforms hold a wide range of alternatives for every single app, if you want to outstand them you need to work on this psychology.

When a user compares your products with the other alternatives available your products should provide them more value.

  1. Your Product Should Enhance the User’s Experience

Any business aims at solving a particular issue.

If your product is made on the basis of this, then the price should always increase in the foreseeable future.

Apart from this if you want to determine mobile app development pricing then actual cost and value should be taken into consideration.

  1. Research the Market to Know the Price

You can’t randomly fix the price of your app.

Even if your app is serving great value, still you can’t make it too costly according to the market value.

A top mobile app development company always offers the product for a trial and then after generating the response they decide the price of the product for further up-gradation.

So, you can always test your app and decide the price on the basis of market response.

  1. Cost-Effective

If your targeted audience is not willing to pay more than a reasonable price, then you should decide your pricing strategy on this basis.

Otherwise, you may not get traffic.

Also keeping it cost-effective attracts more customers.

  1. Backup Your Pricing Strategy with Business Marketing

Since user acquisition is not an easy task you need to back up your pricing strategy with your business marketing.

It will help you build a new customer base and also retain them for the long term.

So, market your app to attract customers and then decide its price.

Talking about the mobile app development strategy, there are 4 types of mobile app development pricing strategies.

Have a look at these types.

Free Apps

If you are new in your business genre and want to generate more customer base, then free apps are the best way to acquire a customer base.

Since people are always attracted to ‘free’ things, this can be a great idea to make them aware of your business.

There two types of free apps, one is completely free where you don’t have any motive to earn revenue and another one is generating revenue through ads.

If you’re building apps for a certain age, then having advertisements as a source of revenue is not an unproductive idea.

Freemium Apps

Freemium apps are highly popular among business apps.

These freemium features will allow your customers to access a certain area of your app.

You can generate awareness among your customers through this.

If they want to access the full app, they have to buy the premium features.

This is a great way to boost awareness among your targeted customers.

Paid Apps

Since users are already generating value through free apps, it’s essential to put high quality in paid apps.

When customers are paying money, they expect more.

You can’t overlook paid apps and decide the price without building a great app.


The mobile app project pricing strategy should be decided based upon your purpose, business goal, your targeted user, market demand, upfront cost, maintenance cost, and the platform you’re choosing.

Before you hire the best application development services India makes sure you keep up the price with a recent market trend.

As your pricing strategy will determine the app value and the success of your business, it should be decided based on the above-mentioned factors.

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