June 25, 2024

7 Effective Tips to Refresh Your Evergreen Content

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An effective digital marketing strategy comprises various elements like content, social media, keyword research, web design, responsive website and many more. Out of all these elements, quality content has always remained the king of any digital marketing strategy, and it is crucial for the success of any business organization. The quality and value of the content determines whether the visitor stays on or leaves the website. It helps to retain new users and also enjoy high search engine ranking. It generates more leads and drives more traffic to your website. Creating content with a specific audience in mind will help you to reach out to people whom you want to engage with. It also helps to build trust and connect with the target audience. So, associate with an SEO Company in New York to drive more traffic and promote your business online.

What Is Evergreen Content and Why Is It Important?

Content is a proper mix of written content like ideas, information or messages along with images, graphics, videos and audio information that is displayed on your website and delivered to the world. The content incudes product and service description, company information pages, videos, photos, and blog posts.

To rank higher in searches, the content should retain its value over time and this is possible with evergreen content. Evergreen content refers to search optimized content that is relevant continually and also stays fresh for the readers for a long period of time. It is an effective content marketing strategy as it maintains its relevance and value for a long time even after its publication date.

Although evergreen content is not time-sensitive, it is important to refresh it periodically. So, here are some tips and tricks to refresh your evergreen content and drive more traffic:

Re-examine your keywords: Keyword targeting is the practice of developing content around a particular phrase or word that your targeted audience use to search for your products and services. This helps businesses improve their ranking. If you have valuable content, then make sure to add relevant keywords or phrases to reach out to potential customers. There are several keyword research tools available and once you are ready with your keywords, makes sure to use them on title, meta data, images, subheadings etc.

  • Terms related to targeting: Look for keywords that your content is ranking for and find out any related terms also that can be included in your content which would make it more relevant.
  • Location specific keywords: Another way to target new terms is make your content more location specific. For example, if you are a florist, you can post content about how to pick the right flower and to make the content more location-specific you can also add a section about popular flowers available in a particular area.
  • Be more specific: You can strengthen your target keyword by using it for a different theme. If you’re a physician, you can post content about some health tips and you can be more specific like the type of patients or the diseases that you treat.
  • Focus on trend: The latest method of choosing target terms depends on current trends. Consumer demands keep shifting, so focusing on the trend could help you get more traffic.

Remove or add any important information: Your evergreen content may be well focused and need not want to shift the targeting. But it is important to check the information of your content. Keeping the information in your content up to date is essential and here are four ways to do that:

  • Verify your resources: Double check all the resources that you mentioned in your content. Research and find out if there are any old resources in your content.
  • Add stats to your content: Adding stats makes the content more relevant and information rich. But new studies are conduct every now and then. So include these new studies as it is beneficial for your site to link to other sites and it makes your content more credible.
  • Include new strategies: For content like tips and strategies, make sure to check and add new strategies. Technology keeps evolving and the offerings may change with the advanced technologies.
  • Include results: You can include any real results in your content to make it more trustworthy.
  • Add customer quotes: Add supporting stories, testimonials or reviews from customers. For example, consider the previous example, if you are a florist, include reviews/quotes by your clients.
  • Provide action items: If you feel that your content is losing ranking, check the top ranking pieces have in store and ensure that you are including all the right topics. Secondly if you announcement to make then, you can publish them as new posts.

Modify your title: To refresh you content, making some change to the title is also essential. If your content is about tips or strategies, then also you have to make some changes to the title but you don’t want to change the URL in order to preserve your traffic. What you can do is to ensure that you leave the number out of the URL and this prevents a mismatch of the URL and title in the SERP.

  • Make the title actionable: The title should be actionable so that the readers can understand they will get value from the content. For example, “8 Ways To Eat Healthy” or “6 Advantages of Green Tea” etc.
  • Includes numbers: Adding a number to your title or content shows that it is quantifiable. The readers also like some predictability in their content.
  • Change adjectives: Use adjectives like “effective” or “useful” in your title to grab the attention of the readers. Remember that the SERP will display only the first 70 characters. So, use your words wisely.

Diversify your content format: The best form of content for SEO is long-term content. Long content with more than 1200 words gives the opportunity to indicate to Google that your article thoroughly answers the questions that people are asking. Readers do not go beyond first page of results, so it is always better to be on top of the search results page to get more traffic. If your post is not getting enough traffic, then the next step is to break the content into sections with different headers. Make sure to enhance each section with bullet points, examples to increase the chances of your content becoming a featured snippet or other rich result on the SERP.

Scrutinize your visuals: Today, visual marketing plays a significant role in attracting more people. Here are some tips to refresh your images.

  • Include images: If your content does not have images then add images to make your content more engaging. You also add video or infographic to encapsulate they whole content. Make sure to update your infographic or video with titles to make them stand out.
  • Look for breaks: Find out whether you exiting images are optimized in right size and appropriate for your content. This is important to ensure that the images are not lost in the shuffle due to the new version. Large images can slow down your page loading speed and this can affect your ranking.
  • Replace stock images: Replace stock images with real images and this helps to show before and after images.
  • Update screen shots: This is important if your content is about “how to.” When a consumer wants to know how to do something, visuals are often the first thing they seek out, and if they see that your screenshots are outdated, they’re likely to exit the post and look for one with images that match what they’re seeing.

Edit your links: There are different ways to use links to refresh your content:

  • Add new links: If you are steadily creating posts, then add links to your newer content. Internal links help to retain the reader on the site and create more pathways so that Google can crawl your site. The more easily it can scan your site and understand how the pages relate to one another, the better your SEO.
  • Fix broken links: You can test out your existing links to ensure that they aren’t broken.
  • Build new links to the page: Go through new content that performs well and link to the post you are refreshing in the content.

Alter your meta description: It is the small description that appears in the SERP. It is a brief summary about what the article is, and depending on the copy you can encourage searchers to click on the post. So along with your content, your meta description should also be refreshed:

  • Make the post more actionable.
  • Add related keywords to your description so that Google will “bold” or highlight them in the meta description.
  • List out a few of the bullet points to give a preview of the content.

A professional SEO Company in New York can optimize your website with relevant keywords and content that would earn you more traffic and higher search engine ranking. They ensure that your website is user- friendly and search-engine friendly.


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