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What Is The Main Factor Of Selecting The Original Kanchipuram Silks

Original Kanchipuram Silks

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are widely regarded as the highest quality silk sarees in the nation. This saree is not only lovely but it is also thought to be quite costly. The sari is said to have evolved in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, and is one of the most popular among wedding women. Kanchipuram silk sarees in India are distinct from other cotton sarees because they are manually weaved and pure. However, it is critical that you understand how to recognize genuine Kanchipuram Silk Sarees in order to avoid being scammed by the sellers.

When looking for a genuine Kanchipuram Silk Saree, there are a few things to keep in mind

Zari (genuine) or Zari (checked)

Kanchipuram Zari’s margins run the length of the sarees and contrast with one another. This is one of the primary characteristics that distinguish this saree from other ethnic wear. Weavers in genuine silk sarees usually take every single silk strand and loop a silver thread over it. The silk thread is then soaked in gold to create lovely zari borders. Instead of gold or silver, zari electroformed metal and copper were utilized in the tests. Though it is tough to distinguish between the two sarees, if you examine attentively at the zari work, you will be able to understand the difference.

Experiments on fire

You can also test its quality by pulling several threads and lighting a little fire in the middle of each one. You should be able to locate a ball of ashes once the flame has been out. If you hold the ball in your hands and sniff it, you’ll notice that the ash smells quite exactly like burnt hair or cloth. If this occurs, don’t be concerned; you’re looking at some genuine Kanjivaram sarees for Weddings. However, if the saree is not legitimate and made of fiber, there would be no ash remaining on the floor.

A shade of the zari

Since the shade of zari is a crucial aspect in defining its quality, knowing what color zari is will assist you in identifying the quality of the zari. The yarn used to make pure zari is either all black or all white. If you remove the zari from sarees and notice that it is whiter or any other tone other than red, you can be quite certain that it is not an authentic Kanchipuram silk saree. Always seek the Silk Organization of India’s silk certification on these silk sarees. It is preferable to purchase a Kanchipuram Silk saree from a reputable textiles retailer. Only authentic Kanchipuram pure silk sarees have been given this designation by the Indian Silk Council.

Factors to inspect before purchasing Kanjivaram silk sarees

The majority of women want to own kanjivaram sarees for wedding and they frequently look for kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping. However, with several possibilities offered in digital shopping, buyers may find it difficult to choose a suitable option. You must know how to identify the fabric of an authentic Kanchipuram silk saree before deciding which internet site or purchasing platform is suitable for online ordering of Kanchipuram sarees. So, here’s a comprehensive set of requirements to look for when purchasing a real Kanchipuram silk saree.

Kanchipuram sarees are handcrafted from 100% pure quality material. A saree usually takes roughly 10-15 days to finish. These sarees are made with thread from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. These sarees come in a variety of colors and patterns that may be quite appealing, but before you buy one, do some research so that you can make an informed choice.

Explore the color palette by touching the fabric

Silk is the most luxurious fabric on the market. A Kanchipuram saree made of quality silk will feel as light as a cloud. So, while you buy a saree, feel the smoothness of the whole saree with your hands. Kanchipuram sarees are always in bright colors. If there is no color change between the borders and the pallu, the saree will be most probably fake.

Tips to inspect before buying Kanchipuram Sarees

To design a Kanchipuram saree, the weavers use a warp and weft cloth manufacturing design. To determine a saree’s genuineness, look at the handweaving design on the back. A ring test is an effective method of determining the grade of a Kanchipuram saree. The saree is 100 percent genuine if it goes through the loop gently. Pick up a piece of the sari and brush it across your fingers. You’ll know the saree is genuine if you feel the warmth on your hands.

The Silk Mark Association of India has been tasked by the National Silk Board of India to recognize all original silk sarees with a trademark. Before purchasing a saree from a retail store or a bridal silk sarees online website, look for a silk signature. Kanchipuram sarees are available in a wide range of colors. The saree color will last for long years if you keep it in your collection and don’t wear it. So, if you see dull color hues in the saree, don’t buy it.

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