June 17, 2024

Factors You Must Consider Before Buying a Commercial Treadmill

You must pay attention to the needs of your customers while buying any fitness equipment for your gym. If you have already decided on buying a commercial treadmill for gym, you must take certain things into consideration. We have come forward with certain factors that you should keep in mind before choosing the right treadmill for your gym. Read on to unlock some valuable insights.

Ask Your Customers

It’s a known fact that whatever exercise you love to do, becomes an integral part of your lifestyle. The same is applicable to your clients. Before investing in an expensive treadmill for your gym, you may consider asking your existing clients in their personal preferences. You want your clients to have fun in the gym. Any uncomfortable treadmill; no matter its price, can spoil their enjoyment. There are multiple kinds of cardio exercise equipments available in the market. You must clearly understand the difference between each of them. Multiple studies have shown that the amount of energy burned while running on a treadmill is much higher as compared to other similar equipments. However, not everyone enjoys running. So, we advice you to take your client’s preference into consideration.

Consider The Motor Strength

A commercial treadmill for gym has an inbuilt self lubricating deck. They generally are powered by a 3-5 horsepower motor and include a fixed frame, which opposes to that of the foldable home treadmills. Most of the commercial treadmills have the ability to run for a range of 5 to 24 hours per day. A good one may last for multiple years. For that you may need it to go through minor servicing sessions. However, before making a decision, consider the costs associated with such treadmills, as they tend to be more expensive given their high quality status.

How Long Is The Deck?

Another factor to consider is the length of your treadmill’s deck. Cheaper treadmill models have short decks, which you should avoid at all times. Of course, you would not want anything to go wrong while your clients are exercising in it. A longer deck may cost a bit more, but it would be worth your investment. More importantly, the treadmill with a longer deck diminishes any chances of falling off.

Weight Capacity Matters

Motors in a commercial treadmill generally have higher capacity as compared to domestic ones. The former can manage a weight of 225 to 270 kilograms with ease. Kindly remember that a treadmill consists of multiple moving parts. Hence there are other sections in the machine other than the motor those would be exposed to the load.

Servicing Secures It’s Health

Did you know that the more you use a treadmill, the lighter its load would become. Regular servicing is the key for sustaining your commercial treadmill for an extended period. Obviously you want your investment to live as long as possible.

Exercise can prove much more fruitful only if you enjoy it. Consider the above mentioned factors before choosing a treadmill. It will prevent you from wasting too much money and end up collecting dust on your investments.

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