June 22, 2024

Ganesh Chaturthi – Top 10 Cities to Celebrate

A very well-known Hindu holiday called Ganesh Chaturthi is held to honor the elephant-headed god Ganesha, a child of Shiva and Parvati. It is observed during Bhadrapada, a Hindu month (August -September). The celebration, which lasts for ten days, ends on the fourteenth day of Anant Chaturdashi. This can be seen at most of the places during local sightseeing in Delhi


A small village in Raigad, Maharashtra, is called Diveagar. Janmashtami and Ganesha Chaturthi are the two prominent holidays celebrated here. A 1.5 kg gold Ganesha idol once stood in the Suvarna Ganesha temple nearby. However, criminals who also killed the two temple watchmen in March 2012 took it. The stolen idol was replaced by a silver one. The temple dates back 300 years.


Chennai also celebrates Ganesha Chaturthi with zest and fervor, despite being less extravagant than the festivities in Mumbai. Many religious and cultural organizations participate in the practice by erecting idols of the god throughout the city. The idols frequently reflect particular ideas. For instance, one might have Ganesha as a fisherman and be based on the fishing community.


There is a well-known Ganapati temple in East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram, which draws throngs of devotees who think the deity there can grant their wishes. The journey from this temple to the Shankumugham beach, where the statue is submerged, is a prominent aspect of the event. One of the highlights of the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in this country is the singing and dancing performed by local artists using a variety of instruments as they make their way to the temple.


Panchamukha Heramba Ganapati Temple, Ananthanagar Ganapati Temple, and Shri Jambu Ganapati Temple are three well-known Ganesha temples in Bengaluru. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with considerable pomp throughout the city. Ulsoor Lake and Sankey Tank are the locations for the immersion ceremony.


The Andhra Pradeshi village of Kanipakam is located in the Chittoor district. The Varasiddhi Vinayaka Temple, also known as the Kanipakam Temple, is well-known in this area. It is stated that the Vinayaka idol in this location is expanding with time. Kulothunga Chola I, a Chola ruler, constructed the temple in the eleventh century. In 1336, the Vijayanagara Kings enlarged it. A unique self-manifested Ganesha idol is housed in the temple.


A small town in Ratnagiri on Maharashtra’s Konkan coast is called Ganpatipule. The 400-year-old Swayambhu Ganpati Temple, which is situated on the beach at Ganapatipule, draws a lot of visitors and devotees. This temple is renowned for its distinctive Ganesha deity constructed on white pule sand. It allegedly began on its own. It is also known as Paschim Dwar Dewata, and it is one of the Ashta Ganapati temples.


Agra have a particular place in their hearts for the Ganesh festival. It offers a chance for enjoyment and merriment and also makes it easier for family and friends to get together. You can visit this same day Agra tour.


Hyderabad is the perfect location to take in the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. Vinayaka Chavithi marks the start of Hyderabad’s Ganapathi Navaratri utsavams, which conclude with the immersion of Ganesha idols on Anantha Chaturdashi day. There are more than 75,000 Ganesh pandals in Hyderabad.


One of India’s top Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations takes place in Pune, Maharashtra. The Peshwas, who revered Ganesha as their patron deity, are credited with spreading Ganesh worship throughout this region. It is currently the happiest occasion in Pune’s religious, cultural, and social life.


The significance of the celebration in Maharashtra is explained by the belief that Ganesha is the patron deity of the state. Every year, more than 6000 idols are ordered in Mumbai for the festival, which is lavishly observed there and throughout Maharashtra.

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