June 16, 2024

Happy Father’s Day Messages: Happy Father’s Day Messages to Wish your Father

We always look up to our fathers for protection, provision, guidance, and support. No matter what fathers are going through, they will always sacrifice their time, finances, and attention to ensure we never lack anything. They are our heroes and we owe them a lot. It is for this reason that one day is set aside – on the third Sunday of June – to honor, celebrate, and appreciate dads. Flowers are the most sent decorative gifts of all time. They are all meaningful, colorful, and affordable. However, as you decide which type of flower to send him, remember to include witty messages from a son or daughter to a father.

On Father’s Day, we celebrate not only our biological fathers, but any male person who has represented fatherhood in our lives. He may be your uncle, your grandfather, male role model or mentor, and any other male figure who guides you in life. Sending you dad happy Father’s Day Messages allows you to share your deepest emotions and expressions of what you feel about him. Since fathers have different personalities, while deciding which message to send him, it is advisable to know the type of dad you are sending the message to. Is he the simple type who likes to take a chill pill and have fun? Is he a tough dad who likes to take everything seriously? Or is he in-between – who likes to work hard and play hard.

This article has outlined some of the best happy fathers day messages to help you express yourself more openly to your dad this Father’s Day. You can pick one or two as they are, or you can use them as inspiration. Read on fire more insights.

Happy Father’s Day Messages for the Fun Dad

When you want to show your dad how much you value his efforts in ensuring the family lacks nothing, sending unique practical gifts is ideal. You can also include lovely Father’s Day flowers with a greeting card expressing in words just how fortunate you are to have him as a father. Your message may include words of praise, honor, or encouragement. For the fun dad you like to take things easy and enjoy life to their fullest, below are some of the messages that you need to try.

“No matter how much I try to forget the fun moments that we’ve shared together, I just can’t. I am looking forward to being with you very soon. Happy Father’s Day”.

“You always make me feel happy with your jokes when you are around. I really miss you dad. God bless you dad and happy Father’s Day”.

“We make the perfect demolition team dad. You are the best and I always miss your fun ways of doing things even when doing chores. As you celebrate Father’s Day, have great fun dad”.

“Age is getting the best of you old man. Don’t worry because I will always take care of you as I took care of me when I was a baby when old and toothless!”

Happy Father’s Day Messages for the Tough and Serious Dad

When you are writing a message for the tough dad who is always serious with everything he does, you need to do it in a way he can relate to. Dads with strict personalities like to take everything serious, even if it’s a simple happy Father’s Day message. Make it known and clear that you are writing him a message to show gratitude and honor him for being such a father to you. Let him understand that the strict ways are what made you who you are today and you appreciate him for raising you right.

If you decide to send him flowers to make the message even more thoughtful, then sunflowers would be the best choice, the reason being these types of flowers are tough and sturdy, representing strength and stability. Accompany your message with any of the following messages:

“Thank you for bringing this up in a strict way. I now understand that you were preparing me to Face this tough and cold world. Happy Father’s Day dad”.

“You are the pillar that holds the good character within me. I know that I have put you through a lot and you have always been there to correct me when I go astray. Thank you dad and I appreciate all your efforts”.


When you want to show your father that he means the world on Father’s Day, expensive gifts don’t just cut it. You need words to express yourself more vividly. As you send gifts such as Father’s Day flowers, don’t forget to include happy fathers day messages to fully express what you feel for your father. The gesture will strengthen your relationship.

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