May 22, 2024

Hospital Management Systems – 6 Best Softwares for 2019

As a hospital management specialist or enthusiast, you might have already heard the famous words quoted by Abraham Lincoln – If I have to cut a tree in eight hours, I will spend six in sharpening my axe. Even though healthcare, as an industry, is evolving with skyrocket speed, these golden old words fit the hospital management context just right!

Abraham Lincoln is known for his commitment and persistency. Apart from these qualities, there is another quality that helped him managing the office so effectively that he is considered as one of the best Presidents ever! That’s because he has developed a management system that is not meant to solve issues seamlessly but avoid them before they even occur.

Managing an office or a hospital, for that matter, is not two different things. They demand the same qualities that are meant for different contexts. It’s all about setting up the right practices in place that blend in with the collective goal or the objective without any friction. But how to find those right practices and setting them in place?

It is essential to leverage the advantage of technology to keep up with this speed. No matter how effective your manual efforts when it comes to yielding results, implementing technical innovations in the system allows you to have a greater edge over manual hospital management systems.

Technology, with its quickened and accurate hospital management advantage, leads to improved patient access to increased patient satisfaction while touching all the crucial touchpoints in a hospital management ecosystem.

This blog helps you find the right hospital management software leveraging data-driven software systems. Continue reading to know more about the best hospital management software that is known for efficiency and traction.

Hospital Management System Modules and Features:

It’s almost every healthcare facilities dream to be patient-centric and a few can only manage to achieve it. Hospital management systems help the healthcare providers to provide quick and efficient service. Let’s begin with the modules that are involved in a hospital management system.

  • Online Appointment Management System – This is the first touchpoint between a patient to a hospital. In well-established online appointment management system helps in patients registering for the appointment online, the appointment executives ensure the details are accurate and the doctors are available and the doctors could see the details of the patients and plan their schedule.

  • Doctor Consultation – By the time a patient’s arrival to consultation and discharge/relieve from the premises, doctor consultation software helps the providers in tracking and monitoring the patient flow.

  • In-patient Management System – In-patient management system is considered as a relief from the time consuming manual patient management systems. With this software in place, you can track, monitor and coordinate various touchpoints that are involved in a patient’s journey within the hospital. You can check and manage surgeon’s availability, bed availability, diagnostic requirements, medications and food arrangements in a hassle-free manner.

  • Out-patient Management System – Waiting time, diagnostics and billing can be time consuming when it comes to out-patient management. With the right software in place, you can seamlessly ensure the out-patient experience is satisfactory. In addition, features such as electronic medical records and the ease of viewing them remotely makes it a must have system in place.

  • Discharge Management System – For the in-patient, accurate billing is essential as it involves various departments and you do not want to mix up. Discharge and billing software helps in avoiding manual errors and ensures there is no dents on patient pocket as well as hospital’s revenue.

  • Medical Facility Management – As the needs of patients growing faster, the medical facilities are also expanding in proportion with the needs. Facility management plays a crucial role in achieving patient satisfaction parameters. With this software you can ensure the ease of accessibility of the facility to pleasantness in the waiting room to cleanliness in washrooms, overall ventilation, and electricity.

Choosing Right Hospital Management Software that Suits Your Needs:

Choosing the right software that complies with the needs of your hospital is tricky. There are a plethora of software with different features. Here a few best software in the current market to choose from.

  • Aarogya – This helps in general hospital management that includes patient management and hospital finance management. With two key features at one place, this software provides better insights into overall functionality of your hospital, making healthcare decision making process easy.

  • Trio HIS – This software helps in checking and managing a doctor’s routine. It also helps in managing the hospital and automation.

  • MediXcel EMR – By providing easy access to the electronic medical records, this browser based software comes in handy in providing patient-centric care with additional features such as reminders.

  • LiveHealth – Provides web-based health records that can be viewed, shared and managed online. The ease of use and simple navigation makes it one of the best medical record management softwares.

  • GeniPulse – As one of widely used hospital management software, GeniPulse provides paperless and comprehensive solutions for the issues faced in a day-to-day hospital environment such as IPD, OPD, doctor’s schedule, patient’s data and managing the workflow.

  • Visual Hospital Management – Suitable for small, medium and large hospitals, Visual software ensures all your hospital operations are computerized.

Other software products such as SkyVF, MediSteer, HospiLogix, Win Apps, KnowIt and NextGen deserve a special mention as they allow the healthcare providers in offering better care.

The best hospital management software is designed to check, manage and control various operational aspects involved in the book of hospital management. It coordinates better between various departments and establishes better communication between various stakeholders involved in patient care.


Depending on your staff for the operations is not a bad idea but to match with the increased pace of healthcare, as an industry, it is imperative to establish a software-enabled system in place. It not only helps in reducing manual work and errors, but also provides your employees with enough time to think innovative ways to offer optimized patient experience.

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