How Investment In Digital Gold India Can Secure Your Future

How Investment In Digital Gold India Can Secure Your Future

It is a common ideology among the people of India that if any difficulty or emergency befalls you, gold will serve as a “problem-solver.” Gold is a symbol of wealth, good fortune, and a savior during bad times. So, investing in physical or digital gold India can sort out the emergency needs of the people. The latest survey also showed that people as young as 18 years would be investing in digital gold in 2023. 15% of the investors are looking forward to it, and 10% have already invested in it. People see gold not only as a precious metal that will bring them luck but also as a yellow metal that can help them survive the economic storm.

Quick Sneak Peek into Emergency Funds and Its Use

After COVID-19, people have realized there is always a need to keep aside an emergency fund. The financial scenario may become highly unpredictable if any pandemic-like issues usher in. There are extreme challenges that people may not come to terms with and end up bankrupt. However, you must keep aside at least an emergency fund equal to your nine months of expenses. It will meet your abrupt expenses and help you meet your daily requirements.

The use of emergency funds is:

  • It neutralizes the effects of any problems that may arise because of instabilities
  • It helps you to sail through the stressful times
  • You can get an uninterrupted supply of primary necessities until your financial condition becomes stable.
  • Investments in precious metals like gold or silver, mutual funds, insurance policies, fixed deposits, etc., are some examples of emergency funds.
  • You can liquidate these emergency funds easily and get quick support anytime.

If you are wondering, is gold suitable for an emergency fund? Yes, it is a safe-haven asset. It will give moderate returns during tough times and is considered the hedge against inflation. You can check out reasons to save money in gold to better understand gold investments and their benefits. 

Why Invest in Digital Gold India as an Emergency Fund?

As it is clear from above gold works well as a hedge against inflation and is a smart way to deal with it. The shutdowns and layoffs can make things complicated in the coming times. People need to understand that there is a 35% chance of an economic slump in 2023. So, investing in gold is a great choice.

Let us quickly check out why investing in gold is a good choice to meet your emergency needs.

  • To Meet Inflation Risks

Gold works as an only hedge against inflation. It is traditionally and financially seen as the best and safest investment haven. Gold’s portfolio has never lost its relevance. It can be any auspicious occasion or even a gifting scenario, gold is seen as the perfect choice. You can invest in gold or give it as a gift to your loved ones to secure their future needs. The best part is now you can purchase digital gold from the convenience of your home. You can check the digital gold price at a reputed site like DIGIGOLD and invest according to your needs and requirements. The platform offers 99.9% pure gold with certification. 

  • It is Highly Liquid

Gold has great liquidity when converting your asset into ready money for use when required. Therefore, many Indian households take out their physical gold like coins, bars, or gold jewelry from the lockers to sell them to get money instantly. Now, it is possible with digital gold. You can sell it out in a few clicks, and the seller will get ready cash into their accounts. In times of emergency, you can move to the digital gold platforms and sell them off at the current price prevailing in the market.

  • Better Returns

 If you look at the gold portfolio, you will find that it meets the inflation needs better. It provides better and marginally higher returns than other sources that people usually keep as an emergency fund. You can check out the digital gold price and decide how many grams you must invest according to your current budget.

  • Easy Buying and Selling

Buying and selling everything, including precious metals like gold and silver, has become easy. You can head to any reputed gold buying and selling platform that is government approved and certified. Read through their terms and conditions, and make your first gold purchase. Most of these platforms provide mobile apps for iOS and Android device users. You can easily buy or sell the gold without any interruptions and in a hassle-free manner. The ready cash will come directly to your account.

  • It Is Known as a “Crisis Commodity”

Well, yes, in many Indian households keeping gold at home or holding gold bars or coins in digital gold is seen as a great investment and a ready emergency fund. It is known as the ‘crisis commodity’ because it holds value during the worst inflation. As interest rates may go low on FDs, Insurance policies, mutual funds, etc., there is nothing like that for gold. It protects investors against inflation because it helps regulate currency devaluation easily. Moreover, the financial and geo-political uncertainties can be met using digital gold in India. 

Get Hands-On Pure Digital Gold Today!

These reasons mentioned above are enough to speak volumes about the gold investment. You can invest in gold to ensure you have a supply of ready money whenever there is any problem or financial uncertainty in your country. You can purchase digital gold in India from the reputed online platform that sells gold with a 24K purity certificate. Check out the government certifications and other regulations before buying gold online. Meet your emergency needs whenever and wherever required!

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