June 17, 2024
The Ultimate Reasons Why Indians Love Investing In Gold Coins And Bars

The Ultimate Reasons Why Indians Love Investing In Gold Coins And Bars

Indians’ sentiments for gold are deeply rooted; despite the meager resources cultivated by the Indian population, they invest in pure gold coins. They make the yellow metals an integral part of their lives, irrespective of their upscale price. Its beauty and charm have evoked millions of hearts; alongside being a valuable metal, people chase the precious metal throughout the year, making it a feasible investment option. Also, they can opt for other investment options like investing in real estate or stocks, where a professional investor discovers low potential that promises good returns in the future during turbulent times.

On the contrary, gold is a secure investment option being used traditionally and at current times as well. Regardless, gold for Indians is more than an investment; the underneath segments of this article will state the significant reasons that have propelled gold to a pedestal in India, a spot the country has long held.

The Love of Indians for Gold Coins

Traditionally, Gold coins have been considered a sacred metal for Indians; they used to buy gold in auspicious ceremonies and weddings and are an integral part of Indian culture. So let us see how gold is related to Indian sentiment and roots-Indian tradition-

  • Indian Consumer’s Sentiments to Gold: Gold is a commemorative medium to fulfill various engagements like golden jubilee, gold medals, golden anniversaries, gold credit cards, etc. The Indian Hindu calendar has auspicious days marked in red when people buy gold anytime and offer it to Indian deities during Dhanteras, Dussehra, Pongal, and many more. This brings prosperity to their livelihood underlying its high perceived value and emotional quotient. For instance, a pure gold coin in smaller denominations is gifted as a token of gratitude in Corporate companies, in contests, or for commemorative giveaways.
  • Status Symbols: To elevate your status in Indian social settings, purchasing gold coins or bars is one of the options. There is no more significant status symbol than gold, and Indians are not shy to flaunt it. Politicians, actors, and officials showcase their love for this yellow metal by buying and giving them new highs. It reflects how wealthy you are amongst your contemporaries, indicating their ability to purchase gold despite rising gold rates.
  • Family Heirloom: Gold is considered a family heirloom in Indian society; people buy gold and later pass it on to keep the family legacy alive from one generation to the other. For instance, in noble families, gold ornaments are passed from mother to her daughter irrespective of their old design and trend. This ritual also helps save money and acts as an investment option. It is a sign of a family heirloom, which they upkeep and is imbibed in Indian blood.

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The Significant Reasons that Tempts the Younger Generation to Buy Gold Coins

Numerous reasons have tempted the younger generation to invest in gold bullion. Its low maintenance cost, and self-appreciation, make gold a lucrative yet safe area for investment. Let us see some of the key factors-

  • Protection Against Inflation: When inflation hits the economic market, and money tends to depreciate, people don’t find it lucrative to invest in cash. Such turbulence and a crash in the economy can be withstood by investing in gold. Also, investing in other safe assets protects against such inflation risks. When investors realize their money is losing value, they position their investments in hard assets like gold coins, which have traditionally maintained their weight. You can buy physical gold as coins and bars and store them as your future assets. Alongside investing in a suitable gold scheme has shown its resilience towards inflation, ensuring a reduction in its investor’s risk by a considerable margin.
  • Easy Liquidity: Liquidating other investment portfolios becomes a time-consuming affair. For instance, if you have land of 2 acres, and now you want to sell due to the sudden upbuild of the financial crisis. On the contrary, when buying gold liquids in cash within a few hours by reaching the gold coins at jewelry shops, banks, or other places where they give the exact value of your gold coins at that moment. Acquiring gold is always flexible, and converting it into liquid cash becomes easier than any other investment option in case of urgency.
  • Price Stability: During a tense market scenario, embroiled political institutions impact a nation by severely blowing the investment options witnesses, showcasing a downfall. In such a tense situation, gold is a much more durable option as gold coin price does not fall considerably. Therefore, investing in gold is a wiser option, as investors have seen an immediate upscale in gold prices after the slump.

Due to any political misleading, the stability of gold price partly loses its strength without affecting investors’ investment portfolios.

  • Low Storage and Security: Buying gold coins and preserving them in your locker involves low maintenance costs, as you don’t have to give random money to any third-party vendor to secure them. You can also keep them in bank lockers, where you are charged a meager amount to keep your assets safe and secured.


Many youngsters of the time argue that gold coins are a relic that doesn’t abscond the monetary value and qualities of the past. But, professional investors have proved the statement by giving solid evidence of how investing in gold bullion has shown a respective rise in their wealth and economic growth. Moreover, they assert that gold has various intrinsic qualities that make this yellow metal unique and is adorned by Indians who love it and believe it is sacred in their lives.

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