How is Big Data Analytics Shaping the Airline Industry?

The applications of Big Data Analytics have crossed boundaries and entered every sector including the Aviation industry. With the ever-growing amount of data, Big Data prediction models are used to determine opportunities in this industry. Here is a brief article on how business intelligence companies play a prominent role in the Airline industry. 


1) Boosting the Revenue 

Data mining methodologies help the airline companies to know the customer preferences in booking a ticket. It enables them to approach customers with personalized offers to increase the chances of booking the ticket. The machine learning and predictive analysis techniques let them optimize the ticket prices in real-time. And, gathering meaningful data means more bookings and higher revenue. Data analytics helps the airline companies to operate at the perfect cost-to-profit ratios. 

2) Smart Maintenance 

The airport traffic is increasing every day, and airport authorities are looking for new ways to handle the traffic. The airline authorities use Big Data technologies to maintain air traffic better. They analyze parameters such as runway bandwidth, aircraft types, and flight routes, to identify the air traffic patterns. Further, this optimizes the use of airspace. 

3) Cost Reduction 

Data analytics services are used by airline organizations to reduce costs in multiple ways. Every year aviation enterprises face several lost baggage cases. And, they need to repay the customersThe companies avoid losing bags by using real-time baggage tracking data. Also, they analyze the real-time fuel consumption data to strategize an efficient fuel usage and avoid unnecessary investments. 

4) Digital Transformation 

Big Data is transforming the commercial aviation sector by digitizing the complete experience. It helps to deliver high standard passenger services and connected travel experience. The digitization enables the aviation players to fulfill the customer requirements in every possible way through real-time dashboards. 

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