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Best Exercises to Keep Your Knees Healthy

These days we all have at least one individual from our family who experiences knee and joints pain. Also, with the evolving way of life, the predominance of knee issues has expanded, regardless of age or gender. It doesn’t make a difference if you are encountering knee torment or not, or if you have reached a specific age where you should take additional care of your joints and muscles, keeping your joints healthy and solid is essential since it encourages you to balance your body and keep up a right stance.

At Nidhi Multispeciality Hospital, the best orthopedic doctor’s facility in Ahmedabad, our specialists have constantly emphasized dealing with your knees by indulging in some sort of exercise, to keep your knees up and running. The following are the couple of basic exercise routines that you can follow:

1. Walking:

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Truly, it is the easiest and the most effective exercise, especially to age knees. Walking is a productive cardiovascular exercise that puts a minimal amount of weight on your joints. It is the most ideal approach to remain active, keep up a healthy weight and enhance your portability. Beginning from 15 mins walk around your neighborhood to expanding it to 30 minutes gradually, walking will help keep up bone health and improve its functioning.

2. Leg Lifts:

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Healthy knees are a result of solid muscles around the joint, and the most ideal approach to accomplish them is to practice leg lifts. It eventually diminishes the weight on the knees and keeps them pain-free. It is a simple exercise that you can even do in the solace of your home. You simply need to lie on the floor and, keeping your right leg on the floor, raise your left leg a foot or so off the floor. Lower your left leg and repeat 3 sets of 10 – 12 reps, then repeat on the opposite side.

3. Step-Ups:

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With age, the ligaments surrounding your knee joints end up stiffer, and their capacity to manage the pressure diminishes. At last, they can’t work proficiently as they did before resulting in knee pain or injury. To avoid wearing out of the tendons(ligaments) and keep them adaptable, you have to work on your knee joints in a safe way and step ups are the best method to do this. You can utilize a low stage or stairs and place the two feet on the stage. Then, gradually bring down the opposite foot to the floor, touching your toes to the ground, and after that returning it to the stage. Repeat 10 to 12 times, and afterward switch sides.

Orthopedic Surgery is more popularly used to correct severe knee injuries result from trauma or stress resulting from the activities of extreme sports. Orthopedic Surgery is also effective in repairing of hip injuries resulting from trauma, fractures or arthritis. In the past, conditions like tennis elbow were difficult to treat. However, orthopedic surgery in Ahmedabad has made it possible for athletes to regain their activity after they have been treated.

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