June 18, 2024

How to Choose the Correct Granite Countertops Supplier

If you’ve ne’er restored your granite countertops supplier before, you may feel a bit unsure concerning the method. However, does one get started? What quantity is it planning to cost?

If you’ve selected a granite countertops supplier, you’ve created an excellent alternative. Granite has been one of the foremost well-liked tabletop selections for many years because of its ability to resist everyday wear and tear from busy households. However, a key element to enjoying your lovely new granite tabletops is creating the journey to urge there as untroubled as possible—which typically depends on the countertop provider you select for the task.

Here are 5 straightforward, painless steps that may create it easier for you to search out the correct granite tabletop provider for your project.

Step 1: explore the granite countertops supplier website:

One of the simplest ways in which to type a tabletop provider into the ‘save for later’ or ‘move on’ pile throughout your analysis is to conduct an associate in-depth visit to their web site. A tabletop supplier’s website ought to supply a minimum of a number of the subsequent resources to arm you with helpful info concerning your project:

  • Helpful and in-depth product/service guides
  • Testimonials from the company’s past come

Tools sort of an area perceiver or 3d edge selector that contour your project vision

The goal here is to pay the maximum amount of time as attainable within the analysis stage so you’ll be able to create an informed call on your alternative of granite—even before you step foot within the company’s building. This is often your probability to urge a particular plan of what you’re trying to find from the provider and jot the correct inquiries to raise throughout your saleroom tour.

Step 2: analysis ratings and reviews:

Today, social media and alternative review websites let customers assess their expertise with a business through star ratings and reviews. And these online reviews are powerful call swaying tools, giving potential customers the possibility to check what it might prefer to work with the provider.

Be sure to go to the granite supplier’s pages, and yelp to check their overall star rating. It’s vital to seem at multiple review sites, as a result of not each client can leave a review through each outlet.

Keep an eye fixed out for red flags, conjointly note on however the business replies to any sad customers to form failing things right. If the provider has lots of positive reviews, that’s nice – though some negative ones are wet within the combine. Be alert, however, understand that some poor reviews are fluke things that the majority seemingly won’t happen to you.

Step 3. Schedule associate in-person meeting & saleroom visit:

You’ve done your analysis, looked through reviews on social media and alternative sites, and you’re assured you’ve selected the correct granite tabletop provider.

Time to schedule an associate in-person meeting and saleroom visit

There will continuously be aspects of a business that don’t translate via the web. With most tabletop suppliers, planning an arrangement is as straightforward as dialing the corporate range. If you’re undecided if walk-ins are allowed, raise throughout your decision. Some corporations might even embrace forms on their web site that fire straightforward info concerning your project to urge a vantage on coming up with. Regardless of the technique, it’s important to fulfill the supplier’s team face-to-face before creating a final judgment.

Some queries you may think about asking throughout your in-person visit:

  • How long will the installation method sometimes reckon the scale of the task I’m asking for?
  • What’s the corporate warrant policy?
  • Do you supply any post-installation care, like service calls and granite cleaners and sealers?
  • How shortly might you pop out for a guide and what’s your typical turnaround time?
  • If the team isn’t friendly or receptive to those queries, it’d be best to maneuver on to a special provider.

Step 4. Tour the supplier’s saleroom:

Before you decide on a provider (or the granite itself), tour the supplier’s saleroom to check it all for yourself. Wherever attainable, bring things that may encourage to be useful throughout your visit – together with a sample of your wood, dimensioned sketch of the tabletop space, footage of the room/area on your phone for reference. Also, once trying around, examine any displays for craft – installs ought to be clean and pleasing to the attention.

Although most tabletop suppliers can show a listing of their materials in an exceeding multitude of colors and patterns on their web site, don’t be shocked if the granite you likable on the web site looks to seem completely different face to face.

Keep in mind that granite may be a natural stone, which implies that pattern and shade of darkness will vary even among identical blocks. If the present pattern and colorize a block you likable on their web site isn’t to your feeling in real-life, that’s okay. Take time to explore completely different choices (see if you’ll be able to even practice the supplier’s yard of full slabs). The representative on the saleroom floor ought to be there to answer any queries and assist you to create your vision arouse.

Step 5. Get a project quote:

Some suppliers can start up a project with a quote – therefore this step may be at the start or middle of your method rather than the tip. However either method, it’s a crucial step to follow in an exceedingly parallel path as you explore the website, reviews, and saleroom. Requesting a quote shows you’re serious concerning your project which you would like the provider to follow up with you.

With that same, price is very important.

Granite isn’t a reasonable product, therefore you’ve got to expect proportionate costs for a high-quality job. However, you furthermore might don’t need to blow your budget. Speak together with your representative and find some choices quoted to check what works for you and your wants.

Make sure you’re quoted for everything – the fabric itself, any edge treatments you would like. The tinplating, installation, and then on. Your representative at the provider ought to offer an outline of everything to expect – and embrace it dead the project quote. Raise queries and check that you perceive the complete method before you sign in the line.

And there you’ve got it! If you follow these straightforward steps, you’ll be up and running with lovely new countertops in no time.


The process of selecting granite countertops supplier. Prizefighter for your home ought to be a cooperative one. Therefore make sure that you simply opt for an associate installer. That’s willing and able to have a speech with you concerning this investment.

Choosing to shop for granite for your house is a no brainer. This material has unequaled sturdiness, aesthetic price and may create your home additional engagement upon sale.

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