June 19, 2024

Most popular and Longest-Running Anime Series

Over the past few years, The anime industry has shown immense growth. Those who don’t know the Japanese Language can go for English dubbed and subtitled anime series available on many online anime platforms. Most of the anime is adapted from comics, manga and novels. People got to know about the anime series from the 20th century, as the first anime series was published in 1917 and since then it has gained a lot of popularity.

The fans get attached to the anime series and its characters, as some of the anime series are so amazing that people want to watch it again in the next season. But some of the anime ended just after the first season of the show, which disappoints its fans and followers. On the other hand, there are many amazing top anime series who have released season after season to get connected to their fans and followers.

When you talk about top anime series, then some of the series that come to mind will be Dragon Ball Z or Doraemon, there are many other anime series that are even better than these. But these are some of the long-running anime shows and the long-running show has more influence on people rather than the shows which come and go in no time.

Here we are with the list of Top longest-running anime shows which has more influence on the fans and devotees. You can watch these anime series easily on different anime platforms like Crunchyroll, Netflix etc.

Dragon Ball Z (291 Episodes)

As an Anime Fan, If you haven’t watched Dragon Ball Z till now, then you are missing out the beautiful adventure and best action anime show that everyone should watch. Many people talk about its cliche story but the fight scenes are the main attraction of this anime series.

Dragon Ball Z is one of the best anime series popular among many viewers which has 291 episodes, no anime series can replace the beautiful action experience that DragonBall Z gives to its viewers. If you haven’t watched it till now, do watch it on Funimation.

Naruto Shippuden (500 Episodes)

The original Naruto series ended with 220 episodes, but then it comes with its newer version with even more long running time. The most iconic scene of the original Naruto was Sand Boi Vs The Flying Bowlcut. The new season Naruto Shippuden has a whopping 500 episodes and they have also introduced a new villain.

You can also watch the latest version of Naruto, known as Boruto, which currently has more than 160 episodes.

One Piece (1000 Episode)

One Piece is an Anime Series based on Goofy Pirates, that has turned 21 years old this year with huge fan following and it has almost going to surpass 1000 episodes. If we come across its rating, then I will not be surprised if its rating goes past 4 stars.

If you want to watch ‘One Piece’ now, then you can watch it on various anime platforms but remember it has around 1000 episodes which needs a lot of patience. One Piece will provide you a promising plot with diverse battles and actions.

Pokemon (1000+ Episodes)

Pokemon is also one of the most popular Anime series which has more than 1000 episodes, this anime is based on the pocket monsters with different features and actions. Every 90’s kid has definitely watched pokemon and it also has its trading cards which also got huge popularity in the kids.

Do you remember the game ‘Pokemon Go’? Which is also based on this anime show, but because of the safety issues it got banned in many countries, apart from that it got a lot of popularity around the gamers.

Doraemon (1780 Episodes)

I think I don’t need to introduce this anime show as we all know about this Blue-cat and his amazing gadgets. I also think many of you still watch this show with kids or younger brother, I do. Doraemon has released around 1780 episodes and many movies which are loved by kids all around the world. This anime show revolves around the amazing gadget of Doraemon. If you want to watch it, you can watch it on any of the anime platforms for free.

Sazai-San (2444+ Episodes)

Sazai-San is the longest running anime series with the highest number of episodes as it has more than 2444 episodes. It also holds The Guinness Book Record for its long-run and huge number of episodes. Sazai-San also has a feature song which is still famous in Japanese.

We can see that most of the long-running anime series are popular and have more impact on the viewers. If you like this article, do share it with your mates.

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