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How to Learn Online With Practical Examples?

With the increase of efficient online learning platforms, it’s very easy to find the resources you need with little effort. But the question is are you going to find all the resources you want in one place.

SkillPractical Learning platform is the one place for the users to learn the subject in an efficient way with real-time DIY projects, competitive tests, and community interview questions & answers. Instead of just focusing on the bulk content, we give preference to individual levels for easy learn the subject. Our subject experts focus on designing the learning paths for the users by separating the subject topics into levels and making Projects, tests and Interview questions for each level.

SkillPractical is one of the leading educational online application where thousands of self-learners are logged in and using our premium resources. Resources include software technologies learning paths, Electrical & Electronics Engineering Learning Paths with DIY Projects, Tests and IQ’s, Mechanical end-end DIY projects and tests, Civil topics and more. All resources are 100% free and experts suggested.

We provide IT Services & Consulting to the Educational Institutes. Our primary focus is to integrate Formal & Informal educational markets and make discovering education resources easy for each individual through our application.


1. User Tracking: We integrate student’s academic performance with Skillpractical application performance. Students can also track their progress using academic and community statistics of their performance.

2. Community:Skillpractical community is a strong build network with members all around the globe. The Community will be a key part of services provided by Skillpractical with constant interaction between users.

3. Database:Our Extensive Database contains all educational resources available in the market including end to end real time projects and provides robust filtering options to our users.

4. Carrer Planning:We provide Career assessment & Career planning guidance for our users. We integrate our members & Vendors with students based on their educational needs.

5. Consulting:We provide Career assessment & Career planning guidance for our users. We integrate our members & Vendors with students based on their educational needs.

6. Events and Workshops:We plan Onsite/Online events, workshops, seminars, boot camps for educational organizations. We also plan startup, sports, cultural events for our users who are interested.

Webelieve that high-quality education is not just what comes from best teachers or best educational institutions, it also depends on how a student is able to access the best learning resources balancing time, energy, and cost. High-quality education shouldn’t be limited to cities.

Skillpractical is a collective force of quality educational resources. We bound with high level university educational resources to make resources accessible to students in less time with reasonable cost. We deliver solutions to their queries that help them to do more and achieve more. Whether they are at home, institute or anywhere, Skillpractical helps students to fight with this competitive world and generate new opportunities for innovation and growth of future generation.

Skillpractical reduces the skill gap in students by providing resources to know, understand and implement right technology at right time. We help students to plan their career adhering to their interests, values, skills, and preferences. Our community is a platform for students to share their ingenious thoughts and highlight their skills to the world.

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