May 26, 2024
Office Relocation

How To Organize Office Relocation

Relocating an office should never be a rash decision. Only a fool would decide to unroot their business and relocate it on a whim. There are many things that you will need to first take care of and think through before you go into actual office moving. So, if you are not going to move your office on a whim, what are you to do? How are you supposed to organize office relocation successfully? Don’t worry. We are here to give you a comprehensive guide that should prove helpful every step of the way.

Organize Office Relocation

Before you organize office relocation

Commercial relocation should be a strategic move. People usually believe that if they just move their business to a new area, it will flourish. And, while this can sometimes be true, it is usually quite false. Most people rush into moving their business without any prior thought and consideration and end up ruining it. Sometimes it can be better to take your business online or change your business model, instead of relocating your office. So, when considering your relocation, make sure to think it through carefully and only attempt it if it is the right thing to do.

Is office relocation the right move

The best time to move your business is when it is expanding. Once you have already established your brand and made your name known, you need to think about growing your business. People often consider office relocation when their business starts going slow. While this can sometimes solve their problems, it is rarely the case that it will completely fix their business. Remember, office relocation is going to be expensive, no matter how much you plan it. So, your best bet is to make sure that it will be well worth the money spent.

Pick your timing

The timing of your relocation is almost as important as the state of your business. You are not running your business in a vacuum. The main reason why you should be moving your business is that you have recognized a considerably better market for it elsewhere. But, as it is with all markets, you need to pick the timing when to take advantage of it. Too many good businesses closed down simply because they picked a bad time to move and ended up competing with a much stronger business. Keep track of both your business and your market in order to make a wise decision.

Organizing a business relocation

Once you’ve decided that moving your business is the right thing to do, you can start dealing with the second part of organizing a business relocation. The main thing to remember here is that you cannot deal with business relocation on your own. First, you will need to find a competent moving company to help you relocate. Second, you will need to make a dedicated moving team to help you make an efficient relocation. Both of these things are integral to office relocation and you need to keep them in mind when you organize it.

Find commercial movers

The moment you decide that you are going to organize office relocation, you need to start looking for commercial movers. It is vital that you give your movers as much time as you can to deal with your commercial move. You can read on websites like why it is so important to contact movers as soon as possible. But, we will give you a quick rundown. In a nutshell, the more time you give your movers to plan and deal with your relocation, the cheaper and more efficient it is going to be. And, as you will soon find out, a 10 – 20% difference in the cost of your move can make the difference between it being viable or not.

Make a dedicated moving team

You cannot organize office relocation without first making a dedicated moving team. Pick a couple of people from your work that are competent and reliable and ask them to help you out. Even if you organize office relocation months in advance, you cannot hope to deal with it on your own. This is not only due to the workload. After all, you can have professionals pack your items and transport them. The things you should be most concerned with are the unexpected moving mishaps and problems.

Every office relocation is plagued with problems. The hard part is not moving your business. It is keeping it operational during relocation. You will need to deal with your clients, schedule tasks, and delegate assignments. With all those balls in the air, it is impossible that you won’t drop at least a few. And, as is turns out, you can easily ruin your business by dropping one. So, do yourself a huge favor, and make a moving team. You may need to pay them extra, but it will be well worth the money in the long run.

Moving plan

Once you have your team assembled, it is vital that you make a comprehensive moving plan. In order to organize office relocation, everyone needs to know what their job is and by what time it needs to be done. Without a clear schedule, you cannot hope for that to happen.

Furthermore, you need to figure out how to keep your business operational for as long as possible. The biggest cost of office relocation comes from business days lost due to moving. If you can manage to reduce them to a minimum, you will, in fact, reduce your moving costs to a minimum as well. Cloud software can be of great help, for instance, but you will need someone who knows how to use it. The more you plan your move, the better it will be, so start planning as soon as you contact your movers. And remember to leave some room for error.


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