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How to Put Together the Best Beard Care Package

Beard Care Package

We know you love your beard more than an average man. You care for the beard and pay attention to each and every detail. But it more than just the shower and trimming to maintain a long and thick beard. The style and shape of the beard boast of your qualities. Yes, you need the dedication and the right tools.

Behind every successful beard is a best in class beard care kit. Below are our recommendations for you to get your best beard grooming kit.

Beard Trimmer

We are pretty much aware that there are many of you who are beyond the level of beard trimmers but there are many who still use it keep a check on the facial mane. The best quality beard trimmer will have the best blade which actually cuts the facial hair instead of just pulling it out. Look for the branded trimmers with warranty and you won’t like the pieces that break. There are a lot of options which are available in the market and getting the right one is your one step ahead in beard care kit. It is a basic requirement for the beard or even hair as well.


This is not a necessity in every beard care kit but perhaps it can be useful to some. If you need to shave your cheek line or neckline or for that matter, you have a goatee or a mustache, then good quality razor is essential. The type of razor is all about your preferences. You can choose from the disposable razor, electric razor or a straight edge or safety razor depending on the type of beard and usage. It should serve the purpose and style that you are looking for. Again, like trimmers, there are a lot of different big names in the razor industry and you can choose from one of them. If it is your daily routine to shave, then you must include a branded heavy-duty razor to your beard care kit.

There is a lot of thinking that goes into adding a razor to the kit as it can be used for a long time.

Beard Comb

You would have never noticed the importance of a beard comb in the beard care it. It is often ignored by the beardsman and that should not be the case. It is simple and inexpensive but its usage cannot be underestimated. Stop using the plastic cheap combs which are made through metal molding. In this case, it damages the facial hairs as and when you comb. The concern with these combs is that the edges are not smooth and they are jagged and barbs. Once you are using those plastic combs, you are running the rough edges through the beard hair.

It is advisable to use a sawcut comb or a wooden comb. This results in smoothness on the edges which glide through the dense hair of your beard. Unlike, the cheap plastic comb, these sawcut combs make your beard look stylish and sharper without harming it.


Brush or a comb? It is all personal preference. Some men prefer to comb over brush and vice versa. It is dependent on your beard style and appearance. The benefits if the brush is that it helps to untangle the facial hair, spread the oil and clean the beard. It removes the dead skin and fallen hair from the beard. Brushing once a day is a good practice to keep it tidy and healthy. Excessive brushing can deprive the beard hair of the much-needed oil.

Beard Balm or Beard Oil

These are the essential part of the beard care kit as it nourishes and helps in the growth of the beard. It gives your beard the needed helpful and essential oils. This oil or balm moisturizes, conditions and softens the beard. It is fundamental to your beard’s success and health.

Moustache Wax

Wax is a must if you are the one looking for a stylish handlebar or different styles of a mustache. If you want the mustache to be at its place, then a little bit of wax can do the favor. It provides a clean and solid look to your heavily maintained beard.


A good set of shears is a must for the heavy beardsman. It is necessary to remove the stray hairs that disturb the clean look of your beard. They are a bit difficult to use and can trim off the unwanted strip off your beard.

To have a great beard, it is really important to experiment with the tools and products for the best suitable beard care kit.

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