May 27, 2024


The study paths that can be done in Australia are different and meet the needs of every student.

Upon your arrival in Australia, the priority will be to improve your English as much as possible, because this will help you both in your work and personal life. There are many English language courses that you can choose from depending on your level: from Beginner (for those starting from zero or almost) to Advanced (for those who already have an excellent level and intend to improve it), Business English courses, courses for perfect pronunciation and vocabulary, courses to obtain a language certification (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge), essential for accessing specific professional and / or academic paths or to extend one’s experience in Australia. Average duration of courses is 12 to 16 weeks, but you can choose longer or shorter duration courses according to your budget and need.

If, on the other hand, your English is already good, and you want to focus on a path that can help you with your work, you can opt for a professional course (or VET): it is a training course with a strong practical content that is born with the aim to prepare for a specific profession. There are VET courses for almost all work sectors, so it won’t be difficult to find a path in line with your area of ​​interest!

There is also the possibility of attending a university or post-university course in Australia. This choice, however, is very demanding, both at the bureaucratic and organizational level and at the financial level because the university in Australia is very expensive. But if this is your desire, know that it is an option that you can consider: international students are welcome!

Whichever course you choose to take to study in Australia, a visa is required.

The Working Holiday Visa, for example, allows you to study and follow a course for 4 months and work in the meantime, without any limit to the hours per week. Generally, however, to undertake a real course of study, the Australian government provides a special visa or the Student Visa, which allows you to stay in Australia for the entire duration of the course of study, as well as to work part-time during the course and full-time during breaks.


Studying in Australia can be more or less expensive depending on the chosen study path, its duration and the school.

The cost of an English course, for example, depends above all on its duration and on the type of institution you choose to attend.

A similar argument applies to professional courses to which, however, some variables are added such as the level of the course and the professional environment (a course in Fitness will have different costs than an IT course).

The university is undoubtedly very expensive, especially when compared to the Indian one. A one-year course can cost between 18,000 and 45,000 Australian dollars! However, at the end of a path of this type, the professional opportunities that will open up will be numerous!

To save some money, however, there are alternatives: if attending university in Australia is your secret dream, you can apply for a scholarship: every year, in fact, the Australian government offers scholarships for students. international students. You can access You can find more information about it.

Alternatively, you can check if, for the sector you would like to work in, there are professional courses that you can attend: they are much cheaper and require a much lower commitment than university, which should not be underestimated because it will leave you time to find a job part-time while you study.

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