June 18, 2024

How to Take Care of Your PC? 5 Essential Tips

Buying a laptop is a big investment, and you’ll want your device to last as long as possible. For this, we must take care : management battery , cleaning old files … Here are 5 key points for making your PC laptop hard.

1. Conserve your laptop battery

When a PC ages, its autonomy declines. To preserve your Laptop’s battery , follow our tips:

– Do not plug it in when it is off, to avoid unnecessary charging.

– If you go on vacation for example – and you will not be using your Laptop for weeks on end, remove the battery , this will preserve it.

– Do not expose it to extreme temperatures (cold or hot), as this will damage it.

– Never charge your device up to 100%, the overflow of energy degrades it faster: 80% is sufficient.

– Conversely, do not wait until the device is completely flat to recharge it: plug it in when it reaches 30%.

– Switch off your device when you are no longer using it: the battery does not need to work for nothing.

2. Clean your PC regularly

Overheating damages your laptop. To limit this risk, it is important to clean your Laptop well in order to fight dust.

Indeed, these tiny particles which infiltrate the tiniest small cavity are partly responsible for the overheating of the device, because they prevent internal ventilation. To fight this almost invisible invasion, take the time to dust off your PC once a month. Here’s how :

– Use a microfiber cloth or a fine-tipped compressed air sprayer.

– Focus on the parts that are most easily reached by dust: USB and Ethernet ports, keyboard , speaker, and all the gaps of the device (especially around the keys ).

– If you have a Laptop that can be disassembled, do not hesitate to open it to gently remove the dirt that nestles in it, especially that which covers the graphics card and the integrated fan.

3. Set up your Laptop comfortably

It is tempting, once in your bed, to put the Laptop on a pillow, itself placed on your stomach, to watch your favourite series or movie effortlessly.

But this position is just as bad for your neck as it is for the device. Indeed, in contact with the fabric, it overheats: the fibres of the fabric store heat and return it to the device. The PC gets hot and gets damaged very quickly. In addition, there is a high risk that you will fall asleep by dropping it to the ground. Even if your device survives the fall, it will not come out without some after-effects. It is best to use your device in the optimum configuration for it: on a hard, flat material surface.

4. Uninstall anything that is obsolete

When we buy a laptop we do not have many applications but with time we install a lot of applications. It is also necessary to clean its “interior”, that is to say to remove obsolete software and files, useless applications, and all that clutters the memory of your device unnecessarily. They also overheat the Laptop and degrade it. You should therefore regularly clean the hard disk of the device: it will become faster, and therefore will overheat less! Other tips for cooling a laptop PC exist, such as outdoor ventilation.

5. Improve PC startup, and say goodbye to viruses

When you turn on a Laptop, it can start up very slowly: this is because the PC is loading all the programs it contains. To speed up startup, remove software and games that choke the hard drive; but they are not the only problem. Indeed, over the life of a laptop Laptop , many programs are installed without your knowledge: adware, or spyware viruses (installed without your knowledge).

Formatting is also effective for maintaining the PC. However, it requires reinstalling games, software and applications. Usually, removing malware and obsolete programs is sufficient. To do this, go to “Programs and Features” or the equivalent depending on the brand ( optimising your Windows 10 is not the same as improving a Mac), and uninstall all the programs that slow down, and therefore wear out your device.

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Protect your laptop in another way

Wear and tear isn’t the only danger facing your PC. Breakage, theft or even oxidation are also threats to your precious device. Taking out laptop insurance can then be a good idea. Carefree Assurance offers nomadic device insurance to cover your small family’s electronic devices.

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