Different Ways To Turn Traffic From Instagram To Your Website

Instagram traffic

Your website is extraordinary, but you think it is not doing well to attract more visitors? Well, there are several ways to get traffic to your website from different social media channels or through SEO.

In this blog, we will mainly focus on turning traffic to your website from Instagram, which is super popular these days amongst all age groups. This platform can definitely drive traffic to your website if you are still wondering.

Let’s look into various ways to add clickable links and get free website traffic from Instagram.

1. Your Bio Link Can Do A Lot.

While setting up your Instagram Profile, you probably added a link to your website, and it’s been there since then. But this bio link can do a lot more.

This link can be updated as many times as you want on any page of your website.

  • A campaign page
  • A featured story
  • A newly launched collection
  • A lead capture page

Later, grab attention to the link by including CTA in post captions that describe the link’s value. For instance, “For more details, check out the link in our bio.”

How to handle old posts?

Suppose if someone goes to your bio and finds a different link or post from 6 months back!

Hence you need a “link in bio” tool to rule them all.

There are different tools to achieve this through various methods.

The better “link in bio” tools enables you to organize a page that resembles your Instagram feed but shows your posts as clickable photos.

However, you must not expect a “link in bio” technique to give it all overnight.

You’ll have to commit and be constant so that your audience has adequate time to go and check the link in bio for more information.

2. Tag Items with Instagram Shopping

You can make your feed a storefront by tagging items to create shoppable posts through Insta Shopping.

  • Up to 5 tags in standard or video posts.
  • Up to 20 in the carousel posts to act as a collection for your brand.
  • One product sticker in your Insta Stories

You can even view a shopping tab on your profile, which displays your tagged product range.

All these features are chances for your audience to click-through to the items on your site.

This is the most natural way to market shopping on Instagram.

To utilize this feature, you must:

  • Meet Insta’s eligibility requirements.
  • Connect to a Facebook catalog.
  • Register in the app with your business profile.

3. Link IGTV Posts

IGTV posts can include clickable links in their descriptions. But to view the descriptions, users must tap on the post title.

To receive more traffic, motivate viewers to open your video descriptions by including a CTA in the IGTV title.

4. Include Links to Your Insta Stories

You can include a link to Insta stories that will drive traffic to your website if a user swipes up or clicks “See More” written at the base of a linked story.

To motivate your audience to visit your site, make sure to keep the frame-free base to make the “See More” text visible.

You can even include “swipe up” CTA stickers.

However, you must have at least 10,000 followers to unlock this linkable stories feature or be a verified account.

5. Curate Insta Stories Highlights

To get traffic from linked Insta stories consistently over 24 hours, use highlights.

This feature enables you to assemble stories and feature them on your profile forever.

But every story does not belong to a highlight.

Curate your Insta stories strategically if you want them to look great on your profile, or you can keep it simple by using one story per highlight as navigation to the important categories of your website.

6. Send Links in Insta Direct Messages

Motivate your Insta fans to begin a conversation with you in the chatbox. Even you can initiate the conversation by welcoming new followers and asking relevant questions.

It’s not productive to type a unique text for every new follower. Hence, you can set up a previously formed message to avoid typing the same thing repeatedly for quick replies.

Make sure to supervise your chat box daily.

You will get a deeper understanding of your followers and can link them to pertinent areas of your website.

This will also help you know what next you can improvise on.

7. Facilitate Push Notifications

You can expand your reach of all these link methods by turning your followers on Insta push notifications for IGTV, stories, and posts. This is quite a hidden feature. Your audience must tap on the follow button > notifications > opt-in.

Later, they will receive a notification on their mobiles each time you post new content of that type.

It will surprise you to know that several people answer to a direct request to opt-in on social media.

But be careful; if your posts are not worth the notifications, the opt-out will probably be quick, and the relationship with the fan damaged forever.

8. Collaborate with Instagram Influencers

Below are some questions that might arise:

  • You don’t have a substantial online presence?
  • You hardly get views on your post or IGTV?
  • You can’t link stories?

While working on it, collaborate with a brand ambassador who can amplify your followers and brand awareness.

There are tons of influencers on Instagram, but a considerable number of followers isn’t sufficient.

It would help if you considered how their followers align with yours and how your brand will receive the endorsement.

While you’re working on the agreement, make sure to guide the influencers to use effective CTAs to send their followers to your site.

9. Include Action Buttons to Your Insta Profile

At times, it’s worth taking a pause and thinking about why you want to drive traffic.

Is it for people to connect you by call, text, or email? Or maybe it is to reserve a table, an appointment, or buy tickets for an event?

All these steps can be taken directly on Insta with profile action buttons.

You can get more conversions by cutting out the intermediaries of your website.

Final Words

You can grow traffic on your website with the right tools and strategy. Social media platforms have so much to offer us, but we do not leverage it to its full potential. Instagram is an incredible tool to grow traffic on your website with the ways above-mentioned.

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