June 18, 2024

How to Use Womens Clothing to Dress up a Classy Look

It’s time for you to change up your personal style. You can add a little of sophistication and class to your everyday attire. Maybe you have changed a new job and need some new styles of classy wholesale womens clothing, perhaps you have moved to a new city, or maybe you just need to make changes to represent yourself. Do you want to know how to make the transition and how to dress up a classy look? I will take you step by step to understand the ins and outs of designing your own style with a more refined and classy style that you can wear for years to come or throughout your life.

Define Your Personal Style is Quite Important

  • Personal style is something that each of us has, but we need to recognize and understand it before we can fully use it. It can reflect your mood, personality and activities you will participate in, project your interests, lifestyle, and traces of the past.
  • When you find your personal style, you will know you look stunning actually and will feel confident when you leave home for some events. Whether you prefer bohemian style, high fashion, prints or street, you can make your personal style look elegant when you call for it.
  • Most women always say that they have no personal style or don’t know what their own style is. I recommend that they take a look at their closet whenever they don’t know their style. If you desire to find your personal style, here are some great tips that you can do right now. Take out your favorite items from your closet and put them on the bed, then look for patterns of the clothing you wear over and over again.
  • Generally, classic and minimal styles will always remain elegant. Classic and minimalist styles usually learn from neutral colors, shapes and fabrics, making it easier to put together classy garment. However, don’t think just as you prefer junior or street style that dressing classy is out of the question.

Wear Items that are Made of Classic Fabrics

  • Classic and timeless garment made of good materials that will last into the next decade, which is a goal you should add to your basic wardrobe. Think of cotton, wool, silk, and linen. If maintained properly, these four basic fabrics will stand the test of time. After cleaning and pressing, items made of these fabrics tend to exude a classy atmosphere on their own.
  • These fabrics also have many variations, allowing you to expand on your closet. Denim is an example of a cotton fabric that can span all styles from street to bohemian to minimalist. Similarly, chino cotton perform well in dresses, blazers and even leather jackets. Then there is cashmere, a type of wool that feels great on the skin and does not pilling with age.

Fit is Quite Crucial

  • Classy and delicate clothing is usually tailored and fitted, which is not too tight, and you can show off your figure. Skirts should be hit just above or below the knees, as should your print floral dresses. Classic pants are straight, wider, and slightly oversized trousers should be 0.5 inches above the ground. You can also wear wide-leg pants and skinny pants in classic fabrics, even ankle pants. Trench coats, shirts, and sweaters should follow the curve of your waist.
  • Not all outfits you wear have to be perfectly tailored and fitted. You can mix and use unstructured items for a more relaxed look. Pair a blue striped blouse with chinos and a denim jacket or a flowing maxi skirt. This is an example of how to throw on a jumpsuit, and in this attire, I selected solid neutrals and paired with a structured blazer.

Never Over Expose

For more formal occasions, asymmetrical and halter necklines can also be used well. In any case, make sure keep the cleavage and your belly button covered. Apart from, the armholes on tops and dresses should not expose your bra. As mentioned above, the hem length of skirts and dresses should be slightly higher lower than knees for daily wear, while shorter and full-length should be suitable for this season’s events or classic formal wear.

Makeup Make a Difference

If you are like me and don’t want to spend much time on makeup, then pay attention to these three points that will help you make a difference in your classy look. If there is only 5 minutes, the eyes, cheeks and lips should be the focus. Wear some mascara to make your eyes bigger, add some blush to make your face more rosy, and finally put on a bold lipstick to add a pop of color. These three points are subtle but have a big impact to the completeness of your classy appearance.

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