Important Ideas to Protect Eyeglasses from Damaging

Wearing eyeglasses daily may lead a chance to tear and break them easily. Most of us use our eyeglasses roughly that can create major problems that can affect the longevity of the eyeglasses and its lenses. Through this article, we will let you know how you can keep your cateye eyeglasses online safer and in a healthier condition. Following these tips, you will not only save the costs of buying new eyeglasses, but you can use it for the long run.

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Idea no 1: Hold your eyeglasses with both hands

We have a bad habit of holding our eyeglasses with just one hand, whether we are working, walking or relaxing. We all are guilty of this fault. But do you know that such feeling of laziness can cause eye frame damage when we hold it with one hand? Holding your eyeglasses with two hands can create balance and will not have the possibility of damaging it while taking off in your daily activity. So always hold your eyeglasses with two hands while wearing or taking off.

Idea no 2: Always keep your eyeglasses in Cases

Have you seen tortoises? How they stay protected in its shell. Similar to this, your eyeglasses stays protected in a case that is specially designed to preserve your eyeglasses from damaging. The case is a home to your eyeglasses and it should be kept into it. This will reduce the risk of damaging to eyeglasses and also keep safe from the dust that sticks to your lenses.

Idea no 3: Always use microfiber cloth to dry it

Generally, it is seen that we often use the end corner of our shirts or T-shirt to clean our eyeglasses. But I will suggest you, don’t do this. The lenses can damage or get a scratch because of dust present on your shirt. The lens gets scratch during wipe it. The rough edges of dust harm the top coating of the lenses and create problems like — damaged eyeglasses lenses. The best thing is that wash your eyeglasses under a running tap of water and wipe it with a microfiber cloth to clean it. The microfiber cloth should be clean and doesn’t contain any marks. Also, wipe your frame to clean it and for the betterment.

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These tips make sure that the eyeglasses you wear stay the way you want to be. With a little care, you can increase the life of your eyeglasses and it will bring a better wearing experience for you. Even you can seek advice from where you do contact lens shopping, they will advise the same.

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