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7 Must Have Add-On Covers for Car Insurance

Buying a car can put a sizeable dent in your bank account but that’s not where the expenses end. Maintenance is a worry car-owners face every day. A comprehensive car insurance policy can save you from shelling out cash in the case of theft, damage to car, and third-party liability. However, you can substantially maximise the benefits of this insurance through add-on covers by paying a little extra premium and in turn, reduce your financial stress.

Essential add-on covers for car insurance

These add-on covers might increase the premium amount, but the perks outweigh the price. Here are 7 such add-on covers that will make sure you have a smooth, worry-free ride.

  • Road assistance: This add-on provides you with access to road assistance when you need it the most. Though garages and service stations are usually a stone’s throw away in cities, the situation can get different when driving in remote locations. In such scenarios, the insurers will provide you support. This cover is especially helpful in the cases of accidents where even a minute’s delay in fetching help can prove to be fatal.
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) protection:Most policyholders renew their policies without making any claims in the policy year. This makes them eligible for the No Claim Bonus discount which accumulates over each no-claim year. However, with the NCB add-on you will still be eligible for the discount even if you have made a claim. This add-on cover allows a pre-defined number of claims that can be made without affecting the NCB discount.
  • Personal accident:Under this add-on, if the driver/owner dies in an accident or suffers irreparable injury to limbs, 100% of the sum insured amount mentioned in the add-on cover policy document is provided. However, the insured must have a valid driving license to make the claim. This add-on doesn’t cover company-owned vehicles.
  • Zero depreciation: In case of damage due to general wear and tear, this add-on ensures that you receive a full claim on the replaced parts of your vehicle. However, the premium of zero depreciation car insurance cover increases with the increase in the age of the car.
  • Engine and electronic circuit cover:Engine maintenance can prove to be very expensive. However, this add-on lets you protect your engine and electronic circuit with any added financial stress. This cover is especially helpful in cases of damage due to waterlogging.
  • Daily cash allowance: If your car has been in the garage for repairs for over 3 days, this add-on will provide you with a cash allowance for travel-related expenses.
  • Return to invoice:Applicable on the first year after purchasing the vehicle, this add-on lets you avail the full value of your car in case it gets irreparably damaged. Under this add-on, the 5% depreciation amount is not deducted.


Cars are an important asset and maintaining them can increase their life substantially. Most people might shy away from spending any extra amount on add-on covers but a little more investment might go a long way in boosting the vehicle’s life. It is imperative to choose a plan that suits yours as well as your car’s needs.

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