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Intelligent Logistics Systems: How Technology Is Transforming The Packers And Movers Industry


Logistics is a crucial part of our lives, yet we stay unaware of the contributors that make our lives easy. Logistics, especially packers and moversare services that allow us to move our belongings from one place to another conveniently within a short period. Since most people are oblivious of the events that led to logistics today, one can receive a brief history of logistics, packing and moving services from the following table.

YearSignificant development
1850Moving services were mainly used in wars. Transport media were cattle, horses and wagons.
1870Electrical energy was used to mass-produce and organise moving and packing services.
1969Automation surfaces. Computers were being used to regulate and optimise the services.
2022Several networks are being used.

Artificial intelligence has reached tremendous levels to aid Supply chain management to manage the supply globally.

Today, technology has blended in withpacking servicesto increase efficiency in various ways. For example, customer can track their products from any corner of the world. This enables the customer to be in the loop instead of the blues. Technology has also allowed companies to understand the grievances of their customers and have provided a developed way to improve their services related to logistics,packers and movers.

Technology trends in current use

  • The most helpful tool of all, GPS, has been used as an essential part of packing and moving services since its advent in the year 1999. This tool has been proven to improve navigation services as they predict traffic and the time of arrival and guide the transport from practically anywhere; you will be able to access it from your computer, mobile phone, or transport vehicle screen. In addition, customers can track the vehicle’s whereabouts, whether it is moving or standing in a traffic jam; GPS can follow everything.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) is a prevalent concept right now; it seems to grow day by day. It is fascinating how you can connect to everything from the touch of your fingers nowadays. This has made information handy and has reduced the risks of supply damage inhousehold shifting.With the help of IoT, one can easily browse the delivery of goods and transit of the products.
  • Remote sensors are also helpful when it comes to tracking vehicles.Moving and packing servicesinstall sensors into their vehicles that display information on a computer screen or mobile. This makes interaction with clientele easier and smoother.
  • The quality of the various packing materials has also improved manifolds, all thanks to the innovations of technology. Items like bubble-wrap and thermocol moulds have revolutionised the packing and moving industry.
  • In the future, we may also see automated vehicles inthe moving and packing servicesindustry to decrease human resources and the associated charges. However, this is still in the developing phases; but it is not very far away. Numerous logistics companies are using drones to deliver packages with reduced delay. Tesla motors is already designing driverless trucks and showcased its concept prototype. It launched a semi-automated truck called the ‘Semi’ in 2017, enabling functions like Auto Lane Change, Autopark and Summon self-parking, and even Navigate on Autopilot. A start-up called Einride of Sweden has already launched the firstfully automatic and driverless commercial truck, which they call the ‘Pod’. This is technology at its best.

Benefits of using technology

Shift freight believes in moving with technology. We had anticipated the positive influence of technology onshifting houseservices long back. As a result, we embraced technology into our company with open hands and have seen a significant rise in customer satisfaction. The main benefits that were observed here are listed below.

  • Digital payment methods have become a blessing to all businesses, alongsidemoving and packing services.The industry is predicted to grow three-fold in five years due to digital payments. Reports have shown that companies have seen a manifold increase and a 60% hike in business after introducing digital payment methods. One of the main reasons customers prefer digital payment is their advantage, primarily offers like cashback and coupons.
  • Smart packing has enabled customers and companies to keep track of their services. Smart packing generally includes barcodes and a tracking number which allows disclosure of the complete details regarding a shipment. This also offers clarity of business that customers seem to like a lot. Shift freight is known for its transparency asmovers and packers.We are in the process of incorporating RFID tags on all our shipments. This is in the research phase so look out for our press release in this regard. Usually, such tags are associated with precious courier shipments of 1 or 2 packages only, but we think your household items are the most valuable part of your life. So we are working on introducing this concept here, even if the number of articles in a shipment of this nature can be dozens or even hundreds.
  • Web portals have opened up a new doorway forhousehold shiftingservices to reach out to as many people as possible. No matter how far away a customer resides, it will be effortless for them to reach out with the help of online web portals. These also have shown tremendous gains in business accompanied by an increase in the company name and reputation among the masses. Our sole method of receiving leads is through our website. This should tell you how much faith we have in Technology.
  • Chatbots are by far the best feature technology has to offer. Customer service executives are often not available round the clock, but a customer may be in dire need of assistance. With the appropriate answers fed to the bot along with question keywords, it has been possible to help people withmoving and packing servicestrouble. This is low maintenance, and it upholds the company’s reputation by providing 24*7 customer service. This service was first introduced in 1994, and it has been developed since then.

Symbiosis of technology and logistic industry

Moving and packing serviceswill become an old and rusty concept without the tinge of technology. However, as people are inherently linked with technology, it is bound to bite the dust if a service is not.

Due to the arrival of technology intomoving and packing services,Shift freight has provided comprehensive security to customers. As a result, everyone can be assured that the information is accurate. Boundaries existed in the old times that hindered communication between one another. Still, due to technology, one can gain insights into the project at hand even without proper verbal contact. Besides, geographical restrictions have also been tamed with everything being cloud-based.

When demand for a particular product increase, the supply also needs to increase; here, logistics come in handy. Moreover, due to technological advancement in this field, the scalability of such businesses could be readily increased. Similarly, with the improvement in the quality of transportation services due to technology implementation, the transportation and logistics industry has tried to repay the debt by ensuring that all and every type of material or item are delivered to all science projects all across the globe at the right time and in a safe manner. Be it the launch of a satellite via a rocket or the delivery of mission-critical machinery parts to the CERN experiment in Switzerland; the transportation industry has stepped up every time to do its part in maintaining this symbiotic relationship. Both have complemented each other and benefited from the other’s contributions to their cause.

Packers and moversare becoming fast and efficient with good use of technology. As a result, the costs are reduced, and thus the benefit of lower rates is being passed to customers.

Future of logistics, packing and moving services

There are many areas of development in thepacking and moving services, but implementing these innovations will require a lot of courage and bold steps. Companies will have to invest in technology for further development, and by a method of trial and error, one will come to know what will work for them.

Futurist trend-watchers have predicted many possibilities of logistics dealing with technology. According to Shift freight, some of them are listed below:

Drones and droids are the future. One can foresee that companies will use these to reduce congestion on the road, rail, and aeroplanes. In addition, metropolitan cities are likely to work closely with manufacturing units to make transportation as seamless as possible, facilitating effortlesshousehold shifting.

The day is not far away when we will see human-less logistic services. Automated vehicles will allow humans to engage in other works rather than driving around the city.

In conclusion, one can say that if humankind is ready to pay the time and energy needed to culminate these developments, the future ofpacking and moving serviceswith technology and artificial intelligence sure looks promising.

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