June 20, 2024

5 Interesting Things to do in Memphis

Memphis is a beautiful city sitting on the Mississippi River, and it is quite famous for its soulful music. Some notable and legendary figures, including B.B. King, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley, have recorded many music collections at the renowned studio in Sun Studio. The top attractions of Memphis include the Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, Stax Museum of American Soul Music, and Blues Hall of Fame. Music lovers should visit the Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum.

In addition, visitors can grab the exclusive opportunity to catch the Peabody Ducks while they march down the red carpet at the Peabody Hotel and they have been doing for the last 100 years. Other than this, the city is widely popular for its rich culture, history, and food. The major highlights of the site are interrelated with the National Civil Rights Museum, the Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum.

Discover the top-rated attractions and the epic things to do in Memphis with the help of a valuable travel guide.

Head to the Downtown and the Beale Street Entertainment District

Beale Street is also named Home of the Blues and is considered one of Memphis’s first places to explore. Tourists can discover its popular attractions, including the Rock ‘n’ Roll Museum and WC Handy’s House. Today, the WC House is a museum where the ‘Father of the Blues’ recorded the popular Memphis Blues and St. Louis Blues.

The Memphis Museum is another popular site to explore, featuring the Memphis Music Hall of Fame, which exhibits the local music legends, rare music recordings, memorabilia, and incredible musical instruments. In addition, tourists can check out the historic Orpheum Theatre to watch live performances and shows during your trip. It was established in 1928 and is well-preserved by the museum authority; therefore, it is worth visiting.

See and interact with the animals at the Memphis Zoo

The Memphis Zoo was first built in 1906, and it features a habitat for more than 3500 animals and 500 species. It is one of the four zoos in the country which is home to giant pandas. Other animal creatures to see in the natural environment include black bears, bald eagles, polar bears, sea lions, ravens, etc. Whereas the Cat Country features both prey and predators like lions, cheetahs, antelopes, and tigers.

You can also spot other animals in the zoo, including elephants, giraffes, penguins, elephants, and other species like a bonobo. There is a butterfly spot also known as In Living Color, and it is open for public visits seasonally from Memorial Day till October. You can also find gift shops, an incredible discovery center, gift shops, rides, and concessions are also available within the Memphis zoo. Guided tours are also available, or you can hire a local guide, and he will take you to the popular sites in Memphis.

Take the tour of Graceland: The Home of Elvis Presley

Graceland is the former capital of the legend Elvis Presley, who has become the notable figure of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. He bought the 14-acre property in 1957, and it is counted as one of the top-rated attractions in Memphis. Visitors come here to take a tour of his former home and witness the spectacular beauty of the tomb in the Meditation Garden.

Guided tours of the mansion are available for most parts of his house, including the versatile foyer and living room; it’s where he had entertained several celebrities, particularly in the Jungle Room. The Trophy Building was designed to tell about the details from the personal life of Elvis, including the wedding dress of Priscillia, suits worn by him on the stage, awards, jewelry, and toys from the childhood of Lisa Marie. Make a United Airlines booking and witness the magical beauty of Memphis with your travel companions.

Witness the pleasing beauty at Mississippi River Park and Museum

The other name of Mud Island is Festival Island, featuring the Riverwalk, a three-quarter-mile-long route taking you to the main sites of Mississippi. You can hob on a pedal boat and chill on the water while witnessing the magical beauty of the Memphis skyline. The island is home to the Mississippi River Park, which features plenty of walking and biking trails, summer musical concerts, pedal boat rentals, etc.

In addition, the museum is the prominent tourist attraction in the park, exhibiting art galleries and a reproduction of a steamboat of 1870. Moreover, you can also explore some other highlights, including the Hall of River Music and a collection of native artifacts.

Take your kids to the children’s Museum of Memphis

The Children’s Museum of Memphis is an incredible and fascinating attraction, especially for kids. Major highlights of the site include an exciting cityscape with kid’s business, an auto-mechanic shop, and a dentist’s place, along with other interactive models of Times Square and Light-Bright wall. In short, it is the perfect thrilling and entertaining spot for them.

They can also take a tour of the flight simulator or an airplane cockpit, discover the Mississippi River’s exquisite beauty, or ride a cycle on Mars. Moreover, they can take a ride on the Dentzel Grand Carousel made in 1909, enjoy a circus experience, see the painting in the art studio, etc. Make American Airlines booking and pack your bags for endless adventure, thrill, and happiness.

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