June 25, 2024

International Scholarships at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU)

International scholarships are a greater motivation and support for the students wanting to continue higher education at the international level. In developing countries like Pakistan, educational expenses are relatively low, but in countries like the United Kingdom, which is a popular destination for higher education, it is quite high. The reason is the inclusion of travel expenses, living expenses, and tuition fees in the overall cost.

On the other hand, international education is a great opportunity for students to learn from progressive countries and contribute to the success of their home country. Anglia Ruskin University, located in East Anglia, United Kingdom, is playing an important role in supporting the cause by offering scholarships to international students.

Dig deeper into this article to explore detailed information about international scholarships at Anglia Ruskin University and grab on the right opportunities.

Top 8 Scholarships for International Students at ARU

Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) is one of the oldest higher education institutes in the UK. It was established in the year 1858; however, it got the status of university only in the year 1992. The university now has a number of notable faculties. A significant number of the students belong to the international community. Offering scholarships is another attempt to attract international students.

Here are some of the top scholarships Anglia Ruskin University is currently offering to international students.

1. MBA Scholarship

Master in business administration is one of the most popular master’s programs pursued by students across the globe. Not only the students of business but engineers, doctors, and other professions pursue admission in this program. Anglia Ruskin University is offering an international scholarship in the program, according to which students will get £4,000 for the one-year course, or £2,000 for the two-year course with placement.

2. Sport Scholarship

Sports is one of those genres in which education is neglected. The players often have to choose one between the two due to numerous reasons, and educational expenses are one of them. Anglia Ruskin University is offering sports scholarships to eligible students. The scholarship is being offered at two levels that range from £1,400 up to £12,500 per year. A number of students contact the best education consultants in Pakistan to get sports scholarships and establish international careers.

3. International Excellence Scholarship

One of the best scholarship categories offered by the Anglia Ruskin University is the international excellence scholarship. To win this particular scholarship, the students have to present five hundred words supporting statement stating why they should get it. If they succeed in convincing the authorities, they can win an amount of £4,000.

4. International Merit Scholarship

An international merit scholarship is one of the most popular scholarship categories offered by Anglia Ruskin University. Students do not need to apply for it separately, but they are automatically granted the scholarship if they are eligible for it and secure their admission. They can win an amount between £1,000 and £2,000 to meet their educational and other expenses.

5. International Alumni Scholarship

Anglia Ruskin University does not take its alumni for granted but offers them due recognition and value. International alumni scholarship is a part of this effort. The alumni pursuing admission in some other program are eligible for a scholarship worth £3,000. The scholarship is granted automatically, and there is no need to apply for it separately.

6. International Early Payment Discount

One of the unique scholarships Anglia Ruskin University is currently offering to international students is the international early payment discount. As the name suggests, it is more like a discount than a scholarship. Students paying the fees early can deduct an amount of £400 up to £1,000 and submit the rest according to the terms and conditions.

7. GREAT Scholarship

The GREAT scholarship is another popular scholarship being offered by Anglia Ruskin University. This particular scholarship is specifically for the students who pursue admission at the masters’ level. You do not have to apply for it separately but will get an amount of £10,000 if you are eligible and secure admission.

8. GREAT Scholarship for a Sustainable Future

Lastly, the GREAT scholarship for a sustainable future is one of the most thoughtful scholarships offered by Anglia Ruskin University. The scholarship is only granted to the students pursuing admission in the climate change program. You can get a scholarship of an amount of £10,000. Get in touch with the best education consultants in Pakistan and secure your admission if you are also interested in getting the scholarship or pursuing the program.

Pursue your admission and earn eligibility for the scholarship!

Most of the scholarships offered by Anglia Ruskin University are automatically granted to the students if they meet the eligibility criteria during the admission process. So, do not let go of this chance. Contact study consultants to manage your admission application and pursue your admission now to win the scholarship.

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