Intranet Communication Features

The introduction of web 2.0 technology (blogs, forums, wikis, communities, and groups social tagging, bookmarking Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and others.) within intranet designs has helped pave opening the doorway to “intranet 2.0″ or the “social intranet” or the Best Internal Communication Software. These features allow the social intranet to facilitate sharing and easy capture of knowledge. They also allow for a more spontaneous and structured collaboration between organizations. In the next few years, businesses will continue to utilize the capabilities of social media in order to improve their intranets at work. A few of the features that are part of Intranet.

 Intranet blogs are created through internal blogs, businesses allow employees to communicate their experiences and knowledge with their colleagues. Wikis are storage facilities for knowledge assets. A Wiki encourages comments bookmarking, tagging, bookmarking, and sharing, as well as helping to improve the collective IQ. Communities – Employees are able to post information about their experience’s photographs, specializations other information contacts, and more. via communities’ profiles.

Intranet 2.0 allows for greater awareness of the pulse of an organization, faster availability of resources and expertise as well as increased flexibility in workflow, and a reduction in the number of e-mails sent and recruiting for Generation Y employees, thus placing this Web 2.0 technology into operation behind the firewall.

In the wake of the economic crisis in the world, in addition to the necessity to cut their IT expenditure, companies are searching for a low-cost intranet solution. This is why they are looking for cloud computing solutions like outsourcing SharePoint, Yammer, Social Cast, Thought Farmer, and other similar applications. The digital workplace is evolving fast, and remote working supports it. But how do you access an intranet from outside? Employees who use a company’s intranet can get into it from their mobile, tablet or laptop, depending on their access rights. Employees who need to access the intranet from outside or away from an internet connection will need 4G to connect to the company intranet.

Each of them has revolutionized internal communications in organizations with the aid of a secure and private company social media network. It has been proven that moving from a one-to-many model to a cloud-based, multi-to-many publishing model that allows employees are able to add and edit content to the best communication software for small business, can result in the changes that follow.

For business, an intranet can be used to:

  • Publish company communications: The intranet can be a place for staff to read company news, announcements and blogs./
  • Store and share files: Files can be stored in one location instead of on different computers.
  • Track time: Employees can log work time and project managers can record project time.
  • Book appointments: It’s easy to coordinate a meeting on an intranet calendar. It can immediately tell you who’s free and when.
  • Set reminders: This is a useful tool to place project milestones.
  • It can target relevant sections, such as sales and marketing, human resources, finance, development…
  • Hold meetings: Using the intranet to hold a virtual meeting saves time and expenses.
  • Have informal chats: An internal message system that allows virtual chats.

An intranet is a private network that is more secure than the Internet. Employees can access certain areas, depending on their role.

This includes increases in readers outside of the normal group boundaries as well as information silos. Reduced cost because of an increase in the demand for one-directional publication. Strategic hiring has an advantage over the competition. A geographically dispersed and united workforce that has a real sense of belonging.

The percentage grew up to 60 percent of winners in 2011, and it’s possible to conclude that businesses are considering the potential for expanding the scope of corporate intranets via mobile-friendly accessibility. Intranet websites that work on mobile devices will grow in the year 2011 and beyond.

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So how does an organization create an intranet?

1. Why does Your Organization Need an Intranet?

Define why there is a need for an intranet. Will your organization benefit from it? What features of an intranet do you need?

If you have a group of people working together to achieve the same goal then you have the opportunity to create an intranet. Each of these people could benefit from interacting with their colleagues and combining their knowledge.


By testing using mobile phones, intranets that have fewer features have proven to be more user-friendly than fully-featured sites. 

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