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Is a SmartWatch the Answer to the Question of a Healthy Life Style?

The growing interest of doctors in the introduction into our lives of elements that lead to the so-called “diseases caused by lifestyle” have reached certain heights in technology. And it already becomes commonplace among applications installed on a smartphone or tablet, to observe sections devoted to fitness or a healthy lifestyle.

With the first appearance on the market of smart watches – a device provided by the Samsung corporation – science has advanced quite far in this direction, offering to track data about our condition with the help of devices that can be carried around.

Despite the fact that many people talk about the uselessness of smart watches, the truth is that they are able to monitor such vital aspects of life as heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar level.

At the same time, it is an almost indispensable device to combat the phenomenon of insomnia, thanks to the function of tracking the state of the body in a state of sleep. You can even set up a beep that sounds when these parameters are far from the desired level in order to prevent life-threatening situations.


In short, they can be defined as diseases associated with the daily habits of a person. Nevertheless, there are external factors that we can not influence: it is air pollution, genetic predisposition, and even stress.

Since unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, smoking and abuse (drugs or alcohol) are the causative agents of certain diseases, and if technology can help us minimize the influence of the “Western lifestyle”, then we should not resist the new trends designed to solve these problems.

The list of diseases that should be kept in mind, and their importance comes down to the following diseases:

Obesity: Unhealthy diets and reduced physical activity result in weight gain, and therefore the most common effects, such as problems with the respiratory system, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and joint pain.

Type 2 diabetes: This is a type of diabetes, when the patient is not dependent on insulin, and develops mainly in adults, although children are also susceptible to this disease as a result of improper diet.
Atherosclerosis: A name by which is meant the thickening of the walls of blood vessels, which is the cause of impaired blood circulation and heart failure.

Heart Disease: Turning to previous statements, an unhealthy lifestyle, and especially if there has been a history of drug use, can become a threat to human health, if you do not pay attention to it. Smoking, in this case, is the most important factor.

High blood pressure: If you put aside the question of genetic predisposition and obesity, people suffering from constant stress are prone to developing hypertension, which is the beginning of a wide range of diseases.

Cancer: Even if we can argue that we cannot control cell growth, diseases such as lung cancer due to prolonged smoking, skin cancer due to prolonged exposure to the sun can be considered fundamental for a person’s decision to focus on a healthy lifestyle .

No matter how scary it may sound, a sedentary lifestyle is the cause of most diseases, with the exception, perhaps, of cancer. girl sitting at a computer smart watch, Lack of physical activity causes anxiety, depression, skin problems, vertebral hernia, etc. So should we continue to follow our habits?


First of all, they inform about the ongoing processes in the body, and that you should make a visit to the doctor in your schedule as soon as possible. Despite the fact that smartphones have their own built-in sensors for tracking health information, some indicators are best taken using Smart Watch, for example, pulse measurement, or blood sugar measurement, since these indicators require that the citizen device be attached directly to the wrist to more accurate indicators.

Unexpectedly, a way was found for patients with epilepsy, as they invented software that has the ability to signal the attending physician about the occurrence of an attack. How it works? Smart watches feel when the patient’s hands begin to shake, which indicates the beginning of a seizure and launches an application that monitors the patient’s condition, which reports the time and place of the attack so that you can be assisted immediately.

For bodybuilders and amateur athletes, smart watches are a must-have accessory.

Counting calories burned, walking distance, cycling, etc., number of steps per day, steps taken, state during sleep; All this, along with excellent daily workouts is considered necessary to achieve good fitness.


Although the progress that technology has achieved in the field of smart watches helps us fight the sedentary lifestyle, giving signals when sitting for a long time without moving, creating detailed reports on activities, there is a great likelihood that these devices will become as necessary as smartphones.

For example, the main drawback of the device can be considered the battery life, since it requires daily recharging, which is not always possible for travelers. The next point that should be taken into account is the accuracy of the readings, since the sensors are improving rather quickly, it still cannot be a reliable source of information, such as a heart rate monitor.girl traveler smart watch

And finally, the price of the device is one of the main drawbacks, since the cheapest smart watches are four times more expensive than the cheapest modern fitness trackers.

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