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Is Infertility Treatment Available in Ayurveda?

ayurvedic treatment for infertility

Yes, Infertility treatment is available in Ayurveda. Ayurveda claims that Infertility primarily refers to a woman’s inability to become pregnant due to her biological makeup as well as her inability to bring a pregnancy to term. According to modern science, infertility is also defined as the inability to conceive after a year of normal sexual activity without the use of contraception.

Infertility is a very prevalent issue today, so finding a remedy that is both simple and economical has become urgently necessary. The Atharvaveda, a piece of ancient literature, extensively explores the background of Ayurveda and the ayurvedic treatment for infertility.

Causes of infertility:

Any disease or disorder, in Ayurveda’s view, results from an imbalanced body’s digestive system, with vitiated tri does being thought of as the body’s governing principles. In both men and women, ayurvedic treatment for infertility has been shown to boost fertility.

Infertility can have male or female causes. Ovarian and tubal variables, age, uterine issues, PCOS, endometriosis, and other factors can all affect a woman’s ability to conceive. Diet, stress, strenuous exercise, and emotional instability can all alter the menstrual cycle because they upset the equilibrium of the doshas.

Male infertility is brought on by problems with sperm production, tumors, hormonal imbalance, ejaculation issues, and other things.

Treatments for Infertility in Ayurveda

The problem of infertility is much worse than one might think. While there are many medical science-based treatments accessible, let’s look at the top ayurvedic treatment for infertility.

  • Swedanam:

Ayurvedic physicians utilize this technique to cause excessive sweating in individuals who are struggling with infertility. Swedanam is performed to remove all poisons from the human body. Increasing fertility makes sense in terms of health.

  • Banyan Tree Bark

According to history, the banyan tree has many health advantages, one of which can be used to treat infertility. Banyan tree bark was dried and combined with powdered sugar during this process. This is advantageous for increasing the synthesis of growth hormones, which in turn increases fertility.

  • Phala Gritam

It can be taken in the form of liquefied butter combined with milk and is one of the medications used to treat female infertility. While it has been claimed to heal a few functional issues with the female body, it is less effective in treating structural deficiencies.

  • Shatavari

Shatavaru is believed to be the only ayurvedic treatment for infertility medication with the ability to cure infertility in women particularly. It is used frequently in the majority of ayurvedic medications for women’s fertility.

  • Vamanam

This is a method that is normally used to bring out indigested food inside the human body via vomiting. This may also be regarded as one method of detoxifying the body while doing so.

  • Ashwagandha Churna and Kapikacchu

Ashwagandha and kapikacchu are believed to increase male fertility and be effective in enhancing sperm counts in male body tissues.

  • Guduchi, Gokshura, Triphala Churna

The human body contains a Shukra dhatu that prevents sperm from passing through the testicles. The effective treatments include Guduchi, gokshura, and Triphala churna. Such barriers are removed, and the fertility process is also boosted.

Diet’s Function In Treatment Of Infertility

  • Diet is very important in the prevention and ayurvedic treatment for infertility of the condition in addition to ayurvedic therapies and herbal remedies. Diet must include meals that boost Ojas and must stay away from those that lower ojas.
  • Ghee, milk, almonds, sesame seeds, avocados, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, plant proteins, whole grains, cumin, turmeric, etc. are foods that boost ojas and thus fertility.
  • This helps to improve fertilization and control ovulation. Eating whole foods gives the body all the nutrients it needs for wellness, in addition to the fibers that affect the body’s hormone balances. Fertility is destroyed by foods like canned goods, excessive starch, antibiotic- and hormone-filled meat and milk, and processed carbs.
  • Trans fats should not be consumed since they block arteries, endanger fertility, damage the heart, and narrow blood vessels. The issue of infertility can be made worse by foods that contain preservatives and other chemicals, such as artificial sweeteners, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), diets high in fat, and other artificial flavoring and coloring, as well as by excess alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, soda, smoking, red meat, and refined carbohydrates like pasta, white bread, rice, etc.
  • The lifestyle is heavily emphasized in Ayurveda. It asserts that changing one’s lifestyle can fix 50% of one’s issues. Consequently, it is important to make modifications to one’s food and way of life. For instance, altering one’s diet can increase energy, boost metabolism, and avoid the buildup of toxins in the body.
  • The person’s eating habits must be changed first. It is strongly advised to eat seasonal, fresh fruits and vegetables. Whole grains, lentils, and pulses must be included in meals. Nuts like almonds and walnuts are full of good fats and should be consumed frequently. It is better to stay away from junk food, foods high in carbohydrates, lipids, preservatives, processed foods, coffee, and sweet desserts. The food must be healthy, hygienic, and ideally prepared at home.

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