June 17, 2024

What Are Cool Job Opportunities In The UK Part-Time?

Today’s world is capital centric. Life in countries like the UK is costly, and many people do part-time jobs to fulfill their needs. Many students study in different universities in the UK. The expenses of universities are very high; that’s why most of the students in the UK do part-time jobs to meet their ends. Here is a list of some cool part-time job opportunities in the UK.

Bar Staff:

In the UK, there are many bars and pubs where you can get employed as bar staff. Bar staff includes employees who serve drinks, do cleaning, and work in the bar’s security. It is a cool job as you interact with different people. Most people come to bars for partying, that’s why you meet people in a good mood. In most of the bars for overtime, you are paid extra.
Salary: £ 9.09 / hour

Pot washer:

Pot washer works in different pubs, restaurants, hotels, and cafes. He/ She does dishwashing and earns money. There is no skill required for this job so any person can do it, and in return, you earn a reasonable amount of money.
Salary: £ 9.27 / hour

Exam Invigilator:

If you are a student with a good academic background then it is the right option for you. You can do invigilation in different exams during your study breaks. Most undergrad students do invigilation during O and A level exams. It is one of the best job opportunities in the UK for students.
Salary: £ 9.82 / hour


A receptionist works in different organizations like hotels and different offices. The many duties for this job include answering phone calls, replying to the emails, and giving the visitors information. If you have a good personality and communication skills, then you can quickly get this job. Females are preferred for receptionists.
Salary: £10.41 / hour

Gym Trainer:

If you are a gym freak, you can also train other people and earn a good amount of money. There are many gyms in the UK where you can get employed and earn money through training for different gym clients. You make a nutrition table for your clients and give them tips to maintain their physique. It is undoubtedly a cool job.
Salary: £ 10.59 / hour


If you are good at studies and love to teach, it is the best option. You can give tutoring to students from different academic backgrounds. Tutors with a science background usually earn more in the UK. You can even teach music and dance.
Salary: £11.04 / hour


The field of marketing has a lot of job opportunities in the UK. The entry-level jobs of marketing do not require any type of business degree. It is a highly paid job where you also get bonuses for good performance and more sales.
Salary: £11 / hour


It is a job that requires no skill. You can work in different offices, restaurants, or pubs and earn money by cleaning.
Salary: £11.05 per hour

Freelance writing:

In freelance writing, you can work at any time at home. All you have to do is to get clients from the internet and write for them, or you can also apply for jobs on different job portals online. If you have skills and experience, you can earn a lot of money from this part-time job.
Salary: £12 / hour


The jobs of constructions are confined to civil, electrical, or architecture engineers. The industry of construction has a wide range of opportunities for almost everyone. You can also work with a different construction company as a part-time decorator or painter. It does not require any technical skills, but you still get a handsome amount of money for these services.
Salary: £ 13/ hour


The part-time job has become a necessity for everyone to pay their bills and enjoy a good life. In the UK there are many chances for a part-time job. These were some best ideas for part-time job opportunities in the UK. If you want to apply for jobs, you can visit Fratres UK.


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