June 16, 2024
Know About Driver CPC Training

Five Important Things to Know About Driver CPC Training

Drivers make a valuable contribution to society. It is important for them to ensure road safety by improving their standards of driving. And driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) plays an essential role in it.

Regardless of how much information you have about driver CPC, commercial drivers must take it seriously and try to learn from the training as much as they can. It includes helpful lessons that will improve your driving skills so that you drive safely on the roads following the essential rules and regulations.

Many have heard the term driver CPC but are not aware of it completely. If you own a lorry, bus, coach, or any heavy goods vehicle, and want to drive it for commercial purposes then it becomes mandatory for you to have a driver CPC. If the vehicle you drive is over 3.5 ton and carries 9 or more passengers, then it is essential to have a driver CPC. As far as the training is concerned, drivers who do not have driver CPC and drivers who own one but are looking for renewal, have to go through the driver CPC training. The certificate of professional competence from the date it is allotted, is valid up to five years after you renew it again. Here in this guide, we will explore some important factors related to driver CPC that you need to know.

The driver CPC was introduced in the year 2008 under a European Union directive in order to increase road safety, professionalism, and awareness among drivers who drive HGV and LGV professionally. Compared to a car driving test where two simple tests can qualify you, taking a driver CPC test is a little more difficult.

Who Needs Driver CPC Training?

If you are confused whether you need the certification or not, we are here to clarify that if you drive any of the below vehicles professionally or as a primary source of income, that means you need CPC training:

  • Coaches,
  • Buses,
  • Heavy-duty construction equipment and vehicles
  • Bin lorries
  • Tipper trucks
  • Articulated trucks

When it comes to employees who are a part of a company that operates heavy goods vehicles, should also go for driver CPC. The training of driver CPC for operators are different from that of drivers but it is mandatory to have one.


It is important to know whether you need driver CPC training or not, people who are exempted from this training are:

  • If the vehicle is used for carrying passengers and goods for non-commercial purpose,
  • If the vehicle is running on the road to test any technical development,
  • If the vehicle is being used for giving driving lessons to people for their training,
  • If the vehicle is used by armed forces, civil defence, fire professionals, or is on rescue mission duty,
  • The maximum authorized speed does not exceed 45/hr.

What is Periodic CPC Training?

Periodic training is a common term related to driver CPC. After you obtain your driver CPC after successfully qualifying during the training, the card will be valid only up to five years. You have to go through periodic training that is also known as remedial training to renew your card after it completes five years. The requirement of periodic training is to ensure that you have the level of competency important for renewal of CPC license.

What is Initial CPC Training?

New drivers have to go through initial training that includes total four modules that are a mix of practical and theory tests.

  • Module one is the standard theory test that consists of two parts: Multiple choice questions and hazard perception.
  • Module two is the case studies, an online test where you have to answer questions based on the scenarios that an HGV driver faces. The test lasts for less than two hours.
  • Module three is the practical test where your driving abilities are tested through practical road driving or off-road driving. The test lasts for 90 minutes.
  • Module four is the driver CPC practical test that demands the driver to demonstrate and explain various crucial operations such as vehicle safety check, correct loading of vehicle, and emergency processes.

Consequences of Driving an HGV Without a CPC

To let you know the importance of driver CPC, there are some harsh consequences that you will have to face if you choose to drive heavy goods vehicle without obtaining a driver CPC.

  • Both operator and the driver will be fined,
  • The driver will get suspended from driving until the training gets completed,
  • Due to affected operations, the reputation with customers will face damage,
  • The operator’s OCRS rating will be dropped to red.

The training of driver CPC is important for the driver who drives a heavy goods vehicle. It teaches them how to improve their driving technique, how to be alert as a driver, and how these things impact the safety of pedestrians and people driving on the same road as you.

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