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Latest Collection Of Branded Ladies Jeans

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Blue Eyes is a renowned brand for branded ladies jeans manufacturers in Delhi. A vast collection of designs in denim with a few latest arrivals are worth considering while making a purchase. From trendy super-stretch best fit jeans to classy denim skirts and colored trousers, all can make a great collection in her wardrobe. There is a difference of fitting in men’s jeans and women’s jeans. Below is some hot sell for this season:

Colored Denim Skirts for Elegant Party Look-

Skirts have always been in trend, no matter what season we are in or which part of the world we are traveling. Colored denim skirts are a good mix of elegance as well as a trendy look. They are quite comfortable for semi-formal office wear, hangouts with friends or attending family parties.

Baggy Pants for Casual Outings-

Baggy pants are casual and party type at the same time. A matching attire with colored baggy pants and contrast top gives pleasing looks to all girls. Blue eyes has introduced baggy pants with very reasonable price amongst the girl jeans wholesalers in India. The colors of baggy pants are very subtle which goes with most of the tops. The feel of denim baggy pants is soft and comfortable with long-stay colors and different from standard blue denim.

Dungaree for Cool Sexy Looks-

All-time favorite dungarees are close to a little girl’s heart which she used to wear in her childhood. It doesn’t go out of fashion. Even for an adult or any age group, it gives a super cool look and comfortable feeling. A trek can be well covered in dungarees and a weekend outing with friends can be overjoyed with a dungaree look. 

Culottes for Relaxed Mood-

Culottes are slightly longer than half pants and have a straight cut at the bottom. They are denim looks, with some designs and faded patterns. They can be an add on to the basic collection of denim.

Bell Bottoms for Old Movie Lovers-

The first picture that came to our minds while talking about Bell Bottoms is Amitabh Bacchan. That is how it has become an attire of the 1970’s. With new collection coming in picture, the old trends also stay in mind and heart of many people. Blue eyes have a few designs in bell bottoms with denim as a base fabric, some trendy designs, and a short length.

Colored Trousers for Fresh Looks-

Amongst other fresh designs from Blue eyes, colored trousers are a hit. It is liked by all girls due to its denim fit and colored looks. One cannot buy just one of these as the colors are competitive with each other. Soothing light colors give a fresh look whenever dressed up!!

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Blue Eyes is a well-known denim jeans manufacturer in Delhi. We supply denim for girls and ladies across India at a low price. We have all types of denim like high waist denim, low waist denim, slim fit, bell bottom, distressed denim and many more in all colors and sizes. You can get the most popular denim through our online portal. We design excellence which is pocket-friendly as well.

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