June 18, 2024
Tajmahal With Yamuna River

Lesser Known Facts about Yamuna River That Will Surprise You

Agra is better known as the land of Taj. It is so much popular that every year millions of people from around the globe visit this place just with a wish of seeing the wonderful Taj Mahal. In fact, Agra is India’s most visited place. And the craze for Taj is justified, given that this historic monument is classified as one of the seven wonders of the modern world. As an Indian, being a part of such an iconic list is certainly something to be proud of. Of course, the world knows Agra as the home of Taj Mahal but that is not the only legacy of this beautiful town. The historic destination is also renowned for its sweet dish, known as the ‘petha’. There are also many other facts that most people are not aware of. In this article, we shall discuss those unknown facts about Agra that will astonish you and leave you in awe.

Agra, a Member of the Golden Tourism Triangle

If you don’t already know, this city located on the banks of Yamuna River belongs to the Golden Tourism Triangle of North India. The other two members of the triangle are Delhi and Jaipur. The most common factor between all these three tourist destinations is that all of these places have a significant historic legacy with evidence of ancient rulers choosing any of the three cities as their capital. Among these three places, Agra has successfully emerged as the most popular attraction for many, turning the place into a tourist magnet. This has led to the emergence of more than 10 5-star hotels around the area, which makes it only the second North Indian city after Delhi to host so many 5-star hotels.

A Rich Reputation of the Yamuna River

When people visit Agra nowadays, they feel pity for the historic Yamuna River. Years of negligence and pollution have forced the river to lose its glory. But how many of you know that once Yamuna was among the most beautiful rivers in the world. The water of the river was so pristine that it was termed as the ‘Blue River’. It is said that the river was so much clear and transparent that anyone could see the riverbed with naked eyes. Time changes everything and Yamuna most probably fell prey to time’s curse.

Agra Is Older Than Mahabharata

Those who are accustomed to Indian history must know that Sikandar Lodi; the ruler of the Delhi Sultanate, was the founder of Agra. According to history textbooks, this city was built during the early 16th century. But if ancient Hindu texts are referred, that are clear mentions of Agra even before the epic of Mahabharata was written. During those times, the city was known as Agraben. This clearly indicates that Agra existed thousands of years ago and was only resurrected during the times of Delhi Sultanate, which makes the city one of the oldest in the history of mankind.

We are sure you weren’t aware of these mind-blowing facts about Agra. If you want to explore the city in person, opt -n for any of the popular Delhi to Agra tour package and enjoy the historic ambiance.

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