June 17, 2024

Love Photography – Go And Explore Araku Valley

How do you like to spend your vacation? Laying on the beach and relaxing or going out on an adventure. If this is not the case, then you should do something different, except for the usual things. From the usual routine, some moments are good for peace and photography.

Why not use your vacation to explore the south corners of India like I did this time. Imagine a perfect holiday and discovered a new way to recharge your mood. How do you feel about exploring a wonderful world? Many of my friends are traveling to Goa, Kerala and Ladakh bike trips. But for me this way of reducing the restlessness of the heart and achieving happiness is fantastic.

Attracts me more to a place where most of the crowd is not found. Give yourself time and enjoy a great break with your friends. Wasting your vacation by doing nothing seems useless. Choose a good place and replenish your energy. A good place can satisfy your soul!

Why not visit Araku Valley this time. I know, here is a beautiful place with waterfalls and nature and secluded. But what else do you need? For photo lovers, this place is like a paradise.

If you choose this place for wedding photography too, then you will get a very good location. It is a lovely place located in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh state, India.

You can also call it a small hill station. Some people even call the Araku Valley as the Ooty of Andhra.

It is said that it is fun to travel more than the destination. If you have already made up your mind to come here, then take special care of your time. October has started and the time from October to March is considered perfect for visiting this place. You start the journey here in the morning, take the help of the train.

Because the train crosses 58 tunnels and passes through 84 bridges. Well, it is also fun to roam in your personal vehicle. A road trip can also be made quite memorable by the paths here.

An attractive place for photography in Araku Valley

If you want to make some memories along with your experience of walking along with you, this place will not disappoint you at all. It is one of the most beautiful places in the south of India, where your people find peace.

Katiki Waterfall

Who does not like waterfalls, photography on the banks of the waterfalls is something to enjoy. Katiki waterfall, which is a very beautiful place, how would you like to take some spectacular clicks near the 50 feet high waterfall here. I think this is a great idea. Apart from this, you can enjoy the tracking here. So pack your pair of shoes and get ready for tracking.

Ananthagiri Hills

Often small hills attract me. Anantagiri Hills is one of the most prominent tourist destinations here. Learn how to taste a cup of hot coffee. Known for its coffee plantations, this place is a perfect destination for photography. The winding roads here, the beautiful green gardens and the lack of shade in the sky is very attractive. You have got a really beautiful location. Come and enjoy this place completely.


Bhimunipatnam is the most preferred place of people in the Araku Valley. Wedding photography along the sandy beach can capture some of the best moments as well as spend with friends. There are lots of dense coconut trees around it, go to those forests and do something new.

Dumbriguda Waterfalls

As I mentioned earlier, Araku Valley is known for its beautiful waterfalls. The beauty of this waterfall is very different. The currents flowing through the rocks give a very enticing and attractive location. Many people come to this place to have a picnic. It has been one of the best places for tourists for many years. Photography is different fun near clear water.

Tyda Park

Do you like treehouses He is my favorite. The joy of living in small tents and huts is something else. You just come here to roam and who gets to stay in amazing views. If you want to see different species of birds and enjoy the trekking activity, then this place is for you. How about collecting a collection of pictures in a treehouse, with a coffee mug in hand.

Borra Caves

You must have heard about Borra Caves. If you know, these caves are million years old. Yes, it is true that these caves are made of chosen stone and are more than 1 million years old. The 1400 meter high cave which now has stairs built is a very attractive place to visit.


Araku Valley Matsya Gunda is a place where many species of fish are found. There are many fish pools and waterfalls here. Apart from this, there is also an ancient temple of Lord Shiva here, which is known as Sri Matsyalingeshwar Temple. Visit this place for spiritual peace. Many stories are associated with this place. People here say that they neither catch fish nor consume them here.

I think it can be very exciting to spend a weekend in this place if you are in or near Andhra Pradesh. You explore many new things and capture some experiences on camera. Always doing something different from ordinary things is also a different feeling. To get here you can choose the bus, car or train and any journey by air. The roads here are clean and good. This place is perfect for weekends.

Love photography – Go and explore Araku Valley

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