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Direction And Type Of Wall Clock Can Change Your Life

What do we do to make our home beautiful? To get your home ready, we take the help of expensive paints, chandeliers, and photographs. But there is another thing which is most important in our house and for years it has been enhancing the beauty of the wall of the house. She is a very beautiful Wall Clock in the drawing-room.

The function of a clock is not only to decorate the wall, but it also serves to coordinate time. If you want to decorate the wall of your house, then the clock is the best and cheapest way for you. But it can look beautiful only if you choose these wall clocks very carefully. Along with Vastu Shastra, there are other things, which are bought only after keeping in mind. Many people consider it big when buying them and are looking for a watch that matches the interior of the house.

Some people like to buy different types of watches for their homes. I think she attracts them. You might be surprised to know that some people spend millions of rupees to buy a watch for their homes. Watches are available in many varieties and types and are easily available on online sites. Some even buy home-based watches with the help of special interior designers. Most watches are made of wood, metal, plastic, and acrylic.

Let’s talk about decorating the house with clocks. Now let’s talk about the clock. Are watches used only for decoration?

No, yes. We use clocks to see the time. It is often said that time cannot be changed by changing the clock. But changing the direction of a Wall Clock can change your bad times.

Yes, of course, it can be done. It is mentioned in Vastu Shastra that to make changes in our time is also to some extent in the hands of man himself. According to Vastu, it is believed that the clockwise direction determines the outcome of our work. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to its direction.

What happens if we don’t Set clock direction?

Vastu Shastra states that everything kept in the house has a fixed place. If we keep a Vastu in its right direction, then we get many benefits. If the clock is not placed in its right direction, then there is a disturbance in the house. At home, the members do not get any rest and are upset. It is also said that if the clock is hung on the wrong wall, it starts a bad time.

In which direction should the wall clock be placed?

It is clearly written in Vastu Shastra that if you use a wall clock at home or office, it should always be placed in the East, West or North direction. Because all these directions create positive energy. Hanging the clock on these directions maintains positivity in the house and at the same time maintains a pleasant atmosphere among themselves.

Not only this, by putting a clock in these directions all your tasks can be completed without any hindrance. If you set the clock in the east direction it is considered even better. Because of the east direction signifies growth. Therefore, when the clock is placed in the east direction, then the sum of the increase in every work area remains.

What kind of clock is good?

According to the scriptures, a clock with a quiet and melodious sound should be installed in the house. Never put a high noise clock on the wall. The quiet and melodious sound communicates positivity and gives people positive vibes.

Where not to put a wall clock

A Wall Clock should never be placed in the south direction. Because in the scriptures, this direction is called the direction of Yama, that is, it is considered the abode of the dead here. According to Vastu, hanging a clock in this direction is considered extremely inauspicious. This can spoil all your work and negative energy comes.

Do not hang the clock on the corners and doors of the house

According to scripture, the clock should not be placed in the corners of the walls nor should it be hung on the doors. This creates negative energy and also has negative effects on household members.

Finally, always keep in mind that the Wall Clock in the house should not be allowed to stop. If the cell of a watch is damaged, it should be replaced immediately. It is not considered auspicious even from a scientific point of view. Therefore, always keep a clean and moving watch in the house.

Direction and type of wall clock can change your life

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