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From ancient times India has been blessed with a variety of masalas (spice herbs), making Indian food rich in taste and different from all other cuisines. Masalas like turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, and many others have been used by Indians for centuries now, in the kitchen and for health purposes. The Masalas and the story of their origin date back to centuries when the early man planted the flowering plants in the world around him, and those plants ended up as spices being used in food and as herbs for rejuvenation.

These Indian Masalas are the root of delicious Indian food and the main reason for its distinguished taste that stands out amongst all. Indian Masalas are used in every Indian household and every corner of the country. But with some variations in recipes and spices, every dish turns out to be different in taste and flavour. Indian curries, biriyani, dal, chutneys, and many other local dishes are loaded with spices and masalas that enhance the dish’s flavour with a subtle addition of health benefits.

And when it comes to tasting every type of spice, traditional Maharashtrian food is the best choice! 

Misal, poha, upma, thalipeeth bhajani, mahua ladoo, Indrayani rice, puran poli, and vada pav are traditional Maharashtrian food famous in India and across the world. As everybody has different tastes and preferences when it comes to food, Maharashtrian food offers a range of delicious options from vegetarian to non-vegetarian, whether it’s spicy gravy, sweets, dal, or rice. Spicy gravies like Paneer Kohlapuri, Maharashtrian style dudhi kajuchi, dals like sonari amti, shipi amti, and valache bhride are made with a blend of multiple spices that make them lip-smackingly delicious. 

The flavour of these gravies and dals is further enhanced when had with fragrant Maharashtrian Indrayani rice. It is known as a sweet-smelling aromatic variety of rice, gifted with a unique moist texture. It goes well with runny curry and can be cooked to make mushy Dahi Bhaat (curd rice) or as a staple Masale Bhaat feast at any wedding. 

If you want to relish the taste of the most authentic Indrayani rice, then you can order Indrayani rice online on Aazol. It’s one of India’s best online delivery platforms for authentic Maharashtrian food products and several other healthy food products. The Indrayani rice price on Aazol is very reasonable, comes with a zip lock storage packing, and offers you the best quality. Mix it with Aazol’s Goda Masala and chopped vegetables to make Maharashtra’s one-pot nutritious masaale bhaat, and let yourself dive into the deliciousness! 


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