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Delicious starters this New Year


The new year is arriving and all the folks excited for the new year celebration must have started their preparations. Everything starting from the decorations to the venue can be sorted anytime but the most important part while entering the new year is scrumptious food delicacies! All the foodies in the house await the new cocktails and starters that will add much-needed glory to their celebration. You can always choose to go with your favorite one, but if you want to give your taste buds a totally new experience then these delicious new-year starter areas are for you!

Vegan Millet patties

Vegan millet patties offer a wide array of fascinating health benefits along with a delicious herbal taste! You can experiment a little and even add your favorite veggies to the Pattie. Millet is high in fiber & protein so you get a lot of benefits from this crunchy snack! Foodies like to try new dishes and millet patties can be served in different ways like millet burgers. This is considered one of the healthiest starters because of its mouthwatering taste and nutritional value. A one-stop destination for buying 100% wholegrain millet along with some delicious recipes is at Mille Supergrain.

Banana choco-chip pancake-

As we enter the new year you can try this amazing new dish and surprise your taste buds while contributing to your health! Banana choco chip pancakes are high protein low-calorie foods loaded with super grains! Pancakes with a banana twist are worth a try and you can go for a Banana choco chip millet pancake mix as it contains zero preservatives and chemicals. This plant-based snack will help you avoid unwanted starch in your diet and leave a chocolatey taste behind.


One of the best street food items from the Middle East is a highly recommended plant-based starter that will mesmerize your taste buds. If you want to avoid any kind of additional flavors in your Falafel snacks or if you want to consume fewer carbs, you can use foxtail millet which offers 4 times more plant protein. You can even try out new dishes with Falafel shots like a Falafel wrap by mixing your favorite sauces. Either you can go with the classic snack dish or you can reinvent your own Falafel starter version. If you are looking for options where you can buy foxtail millet online, then do visit Mille Supergrain’s website which offer 100% whole grain foxtail millet.

Festive Cheese balls

Apart from the basic cheese balls loaded with stuffing, everyone should go for these lip-smacking starters! Festive goat cheese balls are smaller in size and covered in pistachios. You can even try to cook the outer layer with walnuts. The appetizing taste of cranberries and pistachios gives your taste buds a flavorsome surprise! These funky goat cheese balls are worthy starters for the new year celebration! A simple and completely balanced recipe for these festive goat Cheese balls requires only 4 ingredients. Enjoy the cheesy starter with your favorite dips.

These were some of the healthy and super tasty starter options for your new year! You can even go for some of the classic starters or try out these high-protein snacks with simple recipes. There are many other amazing options that you can add in your crunchy starters menu like foxtail millet dosa, Mexican rolls, and Coffee millet cake mix.

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